Food service and restaurant merchandising 101

Spectacular food sale is one of the hottest trends in restaurant, food and hospitality today, which is fine art to showcase its products to buy its customers, and bring life to its eye-catching freshness, color, quality and abundance publishers.

The massive sales program, which is linked to trading strategies, significantly increases the sales of restaurant or food specialties and increases customer satisfaction and return.

Benefits of eye-catching grocery shop windows and cross-merchandising techniques immediately. Sales will rise from 15% to 300% if you have done a good job with your merchandising program Employees are morally upgraded to a more advanced environment and are satisfied with the satisfaction of customers

The operation of the meal service is far more than usual information such as "special day". As an operator, you should consider how to attract your customers to the first place. Here are some basic merchandising rules and tips to follow:

1. Enjoy appetite

Make food impressions so that customers can see them from every corner of the facility. Do not use anything but the freshest ingredients and colorful foods to catch their attention. Show your meals with individual-shaped discs and differently-colored foods. Use terracotta and other environmentally-conscious colors and incorporate natural wood and bamboo to create a modern, clean and slim image.

For example, a simple, thick sandwiches emphasize that sandwiches are freshly made. Without the board the sandwiches start and are naked and allow customers to see how long they have been there since a glass and steel display unit is prone to feeling cold and emptying. The cutting board increases the heater and the lifetime of the display unit

2. Place products more flexible and use color

Food is always displayed better when placed on a bent surface and not flat. Showcase your customers' products! Thoughtful European-style wooden racks are a great selling tool for displaying bread, pies, pastries and other products and creating an inviting look that will make your customers buy it.

Color is one of the most important factors when displaying foods. Many food products usually come from brown and beige palettes, so it is necessary to detect green, red, orange and yellow operations to create a fresh and healthy look. Let's see what items you can get in your kitchen, chambers, and storage rooms that can add mouth and color to your display

. Use cross-sectional techniques for greater sales

For cafes and market-based operations, cross-merchandising is an excellent opportunity to refresh with the matching of the right foods. Soups, sandwiches and potato chips should be in the same area, while coffee and tea should be served with desserts. Side orders and salads can be shared. For example, small salad containers can be packed and placed on ice next to the grill and placed next to the sandwiches. Try different kinds of cream cheese with bagel or fresh fruit and whipped cream with cake and ice cream. Coffee and tea are a great partner for bakeries. The sale of beautifully packaged coffee goes to the bakery.

4th Use the dial-up area

The cash-packing area is the primary property for sale. Appropriate sales of retail products in the dial-up area help to increase average controls. Use your wallet for the ultimate sale of cafeteria, soda, desserts, candy and chocolate friends and show irresistibly the goods that customers can not deny

. Correct Indications Point to How to Get Increased Income

Proper marking can help your clients know what to tell them when they are unable to offer their personal attention. It's very important to be clean, solid and the point when you design the signal to function. It makes customers as easy as possible to buy food with the appropriate markers that inform customers about their products to buy them. The signal can be displayed in all shapes and sizes and used accordingly. Use branded mini cards for labeling and price tags and write a brief description of the item detailing the ingredients you use or the cooking method. If you stick to the handwriting of the marks, make sure that they can be readable and graphically appealing.

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