Four categories of customer service

Over the years, I have found that customer service is typically one of the following four categories:

1) poor, rough, or simply uninterested in helping.

2) Robotic, rote, reading from a manual "help".

3) On top and in the unfair "help".

4) Sincere, caring and expert help – priceless!

Let's see examples for each of them:

# 1 There are some who tell the client: "Sorry, I do not have anything I can do …" or to another who would just say the same thing. This is a "not interesting" sign. The person represents the company, but you really do not care if you're fine. These staffs appear to work to collect their pay every week and lose their business at the same time.

This person usually answers a customer's question: "I do not know, sir." Well, okay, who knows? Did he offer you to give you somebody? Usually not; I just want to finish the phone conversation as quickly as possible. In general, they continue to go to the next client as companies get a very bad picture and they do not really help you.

# 2 is the type of robot. Customer Support Representative. he got the patter and said he did not leave him. If you ask a question, they will reply to you, but they will read from a page. I often found this when the calls were sent abroad for help. What's wrong with this approach? We handle it like a number, another caller, for which we always have to give the same answer.

Then ask a question for which there is no answer in this manual, RAGY IS THE FINDING PROBLEM! He then asks a supervisor or a manager and immediately says they are unavailable. AAAAAAAAAAH!

Is there a mistake and you know him well? Of course not. But if you have not practiced to the point that you really know how / what to say or do to handle clients' questions completely, you can not use one. You lose your customers again.

# 3 is the over-the-top, syrup-sweet man who is capable of a gag reflex. This leads to the turnover of a company I used in the past. An employee has visited his office several times, and although he was acquainted with him, he was only treated with care – completely dishonest, too kind and impersonal.

Do you know the name of our company? Do you know what we are doing? I bet they have no idea. They were so hungry for the deal that they'd always "absorbed" my employees, but in a way that they found it fake and annoying. Each time an order was placed, the standard service action called for another 3-4 times to make sure the service is OK. It's too full and wasted pretty much from my employees. time.

# 4 It's worth knowing the cold and practicing it until the employees fully understand! You work hard to get acquainted with your long-term customers by name, know about things and their lives, ask her to be her family; If you do not know the answer to the question or a case study, you will immediately provide them to help them solve their specific situation and do their best to make it timely. If you have to call them again, they will provide you with more information and a full email – "I'll get the answer and call back tomorrow." And you do this. This shows that your client really cares for them and is dedicated to them.

If you have a receptionist / receptionist, you must know the company who will properly send such a call, stay bubbly and alive, warmly welcoming to every customer, whether in the phone or in the doors. The truth is that your business would not exist for a long time without customers, so each of them should be regarded as gold and honest, immediate, and highly respected.

Any company can spend thousands or even millions in the promotion and work for the longest to get the best reputation and the best prices, etc. But if your customer service is not what you need, you will definitely lose your customers! If you do not serve them well as in # 4 above, they will try to find someone you want. That's a fact.

If you lose your client, it usually multiplies the minimum of 5 because the bad rumor will surely lose more!

The next time you call the Customer Service Representative, ask yourself: "How well did I handle it? Are you completely solving my question or my question?" I looked and appreciated a valuable customer member or associate "

Now your prospects perspective and honestly, if you can keep it and ensure that your staff do the same, they have a huge, happy customer base.

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