Frigorex SL1140 Double Sliding Sliding Door Commercial Cooler: Merchandising Solution

Every bar, cafe, and restaurant has a common thing to drink. Whether it is forbidden drinks, fruit juices, beers or seeds, these drinks need cool cooling. Traditionally, beverage coolers were the largest catering equipment, but times have changed and now they are more attractive and have improved their functionality. This is particularly remarkable in the Frigorex SL1140 Double Glass Slide Commercial Consumer Fridge

The Frigorex SL1140 Double Glass Sliding Door Commercial Beverage Cooler is the ideal commodity solution for cafes, restaurants and bars for the following reasons: it offers great product placement. Thanks to the large glass doors, the visibility of the product is great, allowing customers to see the drinks in this unit.

· Easy to adjust shelves. Some drinks are marketed in different sizes of bottles, while others come in aluminum boxes, so you need flexibility to adjust the shelves according to the size of the drinks and maximize the area of ​​use within the unit.

· Ideal for a wide variety of brand types and many SKUs k

· This device has a sliding door system with gravity self-locking mechanism. This allows you to place your device on narrow aisles so you can take advantage of the space efficiently.

· The Frigorex SL1140 dual sliding door commercial beverage cooler can be covered throughout the unit. The canopy can be printed with advertisement, so the side panels can also be printed. In addition, printed display areas are even more attractive. It also has branded strips with price profiles.

· This device is reliable and robust with plastic door frame and galvanized mesh. This way, the doors and refrigerators become more stable so they are able to open and close permanently. It is built on an extra activity that goes into every busy restaurant.

· High capacity for 857 liters of gross drinks. It can contain 490 500 ml PET bottles or up to 980 330 ml containers.

· All of these features are similar to those of the Frigorex SL1140 Double Bottom Slide Commercial Cooler, but if you require additional features, the following options are available. LED illumination is an option for enhanced lighting. If you need energy-saving in your restaurant, you can choose an energy management tool (EMD).

Frigorex SL1140 double glazed sliding door commercial hot water extractor is based on a two-year comprehensive guarantee

· Shipping and Aftercare

The Frigorex SL1140 Double Sliding Door Commercial Beverage Cooler is the daily sales solution for everyday facilities sell or supply. This device combines functionality with brand building and advertising capabilities to attract soft drinks to customers. The Frigorex SL1140 double glazed sliding door commercial kettle cooler offers a variety of functions, minimal running costs and stylish design. Each combination provides excellent cooling performance each time. If you have a commercial beverage cooler on the market, look no further, as the Frigorex SL1140 double glazed sliding door commercial beverage cooler quickly becomes the first choice in the hospitality industry due to its performance and durability.

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