Good customer service is a good business practice for your restaurant

It's totally impossible to run a successful restaurant without the help of a great customer service. The world's best restaurants have risen to the top of the industry as they provide exceptional food for their customers, elegant and trendy environments and the most incredible customer service.

It is a well-documented fact that if a guest finds a positive experience in restaurants, whose experience shows that 40-60% of them are told. In contrast, a guest with negative experience will say that nearly 95% of people meet and typically describe the event in more detail. There is no easy way to accurately calculate how much revenue is lost by bad "rumor" advertising, but it spends on average 35% more money to attract new guests to the restaurant than it was before.

While the quality of meal and the purity of the restaurant is extremely important for guests, the service level has the strongest influence on guests' perception of having positive or negative experience

. Most people return to a facility that provides mediocre food and great service, but rarely returns to a restaurant that offers mediocre service and good food.

The dining experience of the guest begins with the appearance of the restaurant with the appearance of the establishment. A clean and well lit car park with a clear indication of the restauranteur, who is proud of the establishment.

Customers' experience continues at the front door that the host or hostess welcomes them at the restaurant. Instead of being the first guest to be welcomed, a hospitable and welcoming host welcomes guests in the restaurant with a smile and a pleasant greeting.

From here, an attentive and glamorous server maintains the hospitable climate and begins to introduce the menu and restaurant concept. Good server can make suggestions, explain the ingredients, and ultimately affect the decisions of its guests.

Sales is a simple element in increasing sales of additional items or increasing the value of purchased products. A good server gives the guest a unique dining experience and increases the check by 20-30%.

After you receive your order, it's time to become the project manager for the server. The timing of appetizers, drinks and meals may be intense juggling, but it is indispensable for good guest experiences.

Sometimes things do not go according to plans, and there may be delays and mistakes that affect guests' food or drinks. Ensuring that guests are fully informed about dinner progress is the best way to smooth the "wrinkles" and prevent the wedding.

It is equally important to have a positive impact when the guest is on the way to the restaurant as he was on the road. Every team member needs to be trained to make every guest a good night and thank them for coming to the restaurant. It has a great deal of power and greetings when 10 people want a good night when they are heading toward the door.

One of the most well-known, but rarely, exemplary guest service is team service. Team Service suggests that "every person's role in the restaurant is to make every guest enjoy a fantastic experience." In practice, every server has a "section" but is responsible for maintaining the entire service level of the entire restaurant. Basically, a whole server is used instead of a server.

The ultimate goal of each restaurant is to provide quality cuisine in a creative environment that is served with sincerity and exceptional service. With more customer service programs waiting for your needs, the better you can enjoy the exceptional dining experience every time. Regularly provided exceptional customer service, the restaurant practically provides its own successes.

In a constantly changing and constantly evolving industry, a constant will remain. The better your level of services is, the more likely they are, and anybody you know will continue to return.

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