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Legal Statement – This story is NOT an official reference form on state health check codes and rules. These are simple tips I've seen for inspectors. They've been written with some humor, though I have to list myself and say that dirty restaurants do not laugh.

There is something that sometimes causes some driver to panic.

You're in your restaurant and you see someone coming through a door through a bag. They go to the kitchen. You recognize them from somewhere when you suddenly hit yourself.

Local Health Inspector!

Typically, line B is barely recognized by the kitchen.

No, they do not rely on the BOH to start the firefighter to place kitchen towels in a disinfectant, through the jar in the cans, check out dates, and scare the entire crew … Walking and polite greetings.

So you're too busy? Have no time? Still have no appointments at all? I'm sorry for my restaurant manager … Now you spend the next hour at your building with your career and reputation: Verbatim

Now the short answer to how to check your restaurant is as it should be today. Follow the practice of Servsafe to the letter and get 100% of your team with WHY to get a great report … And not regional bureaucratic rights.

Compiled a short list of "hot buttons" in my experience that hopefully would prevent the supervisor from writing a book. (See above statement)

I mentioned the box opener – This is typically one of the first places as it seems. Look at your own now. Even if it is "clean" when the gears are pulled and chrome peeling is time to get a new one. I think maybe the mixture of almond and ketchup is mixed. Oh, and the plastic guide, which is square in shape, that the opening axis goes in? They can be removed and cleaned.

The garbage cover – In my report, there was a mark before the inspector entered. They should always be excluded. If your back dock looks like a pig sty, this will not only send a bad message to the inspectors, but to the vendors and other visitors … It treats you like your kitchen.

Kitchen Towels – If the inspector is in a good mood, they can ask if there are hot pots when the oven is. However, if there are 20 of them, ½ dirty and no cleaner bucket in sight, they obviously serve the care of bacteria and serve the restaurant.

Thermometers – Everywhere is needed and calibrated. If your reach does not really know you're less than 41 degrees?

The fastest method of critical violation is hot and cold. If hot food and chilled food are in the dangerous zone for a long day … Leave the habit of piercing the whole change and have a temp diary to prove that it is all.

Dates, labels, shooting, oh me! – The stored food must always be identified when looking at the container. You have to tell when it was made, what it is and who did it. The shelf life varies by country, but it knows how long it takes to keep food before the employee's food.

Fans – In the compressor, there are refrigerators in the ceiling, and sometimes they are free to help the kitchen air move. The powder is recovered over days. This is just a debris waiting to get rid of and get some breath until you get the food. Again, this is one thing that if you do not fall into a PM, you can ignore it.

Food elements on the floor – 6 inches away from the floor rules, which is quite universal … The potato boxes to live on the floor. Most of the inspectors do not like the cans.

Hygiene – This is perhaps the most spectacular attitude of the inspectors and the most corrupt staff. I saw the kitchen staff put five gloves on their hands to cut them off crude chicken handling and the launch of the sandwich station … They will not fly and it will be critical. Keeping the manual dishwashers and the fresh glove changing is all about this. No less. When the inspector is standing there, he is behaving under observation. Cross-contamination between contaminated hands is dangerous, and as soon as the teams are in good habit, they will be safer.

Ice Maker -Mold grows where the ice shoots. It's easy to see and detect, and it's bad! There is a need for preventive maintenance to make sure you burn and clean the machine 3 or 4 times a year. (preventive maintenance programs are really important)

Cooler hierarchy – If crude chicken is stored above apple pie, you probably find other jobs as nothing saves you.

Unmarked chemical bottles are another thing that is the inspector to continue digging the tomb. Various colored spray bottles are dangerous without the indicator. Complying with MSDSs and Rules is the only way to go there. Bleach and water seem the same.

MALE – This is the thing. In this process, your participation is laser-specific. The best thing you can do is pay close attention and note. Inquire. He pretends to be there to learn something. The more attention it takes, the better it will be. The inspector is the teacher and you are the student. I may be much less interested if your leadership experience is greater than the inspector's age.

If possible, make repairs along the way. Remove the small things (be an employee) so as not to disturb the focus. Does this mean that you will not see the things in the report? No, they usually end there; but it shows that he is willing to correct it.

Contacting the Checker – If you have been in a unit for years, you will probably see the same person over and over again. From the last 4 controls, the only ding was a dirty fan in the working sink. Is the restaurant perfect? Hell is not far from it. This is because of the total emotional bank account and the relationship and the order that the inspector is in and in my building. We talk about most visits about regs and codes, and sometimes from other restaurants. All the time the bases (temps and purity) make and move fast. So invest in time and build trust. Sometimes I ask questions about health codes. Help me and dig it.

In summary, I hope you enjoyed the health check. Please use this with a light heart to a very important process. Servsafe has as many people as possible to his colleagues and always have a textbook with reference to the guidance. If you really want to see where you do not want to go, check out the ratings and codes of the restaurants in the city. This will result in a massive violent review instead of 6 critical violations.

Now clear your self-holding opening!

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