Hospitality: Do not do it

Restaurants need to work hard to make more people for one night. This is planning and strategy to ensure that the event is going on schedule. There are plenty of great restaurants where you can study and you should take the time to study. It is also a good idea to get feedback from guests to determine which parts of foods and services they enjoyed and which areas they are improving. That's what they say, here are some things you should not do for an event.

· Do not delay. Serve the appetizers, main courses and desserts on time. Pre-starters are indispensable because the guests are hungry when they arrive at the reception and need a bite to eat when they are sitting in front of the conversations. The main meal is served immediately after the end of speech. The guests will be excited if the main courses are delayed because they will feel hungry this evening.

· No small doses. Do not give small amounts of food to guests unless they ask for it. Guests will feel as if they are trying out the food and would be selfish with the portion of the meal. They will see this as the host moves to the most cash and spend as little as possible on the ingredients. If a customer pays you a service, you expect standard or large parts and then enter the right size. Otherwise, you have to handle your expectations before the event.

· Do not run away from food. If you serve 80 people, make sure you have enough food for 100 people. It's always a good idea to overcompensate. You can work as a normal dose per person. But keep in mind that when you go to weddings and parties, guests usually eat more than usual and consume more than a regular dose. The last thing you want is to run out of food before serving everyone.

· Avoid dirty catering equipment . Do not let a single batch of dirty catering items leave your kitchen. Whether it is a knife, a plate or a glass, make sure that each piece is clean and hygienically clean. Guests will remember the dirty catering equipment and will not reuse the services.

· Do not be organized. A group of waiters is ready to wipe the tables when the guests finish off their starters and then their main course. Do not leave your guests' table with dirty dishes when making desserts and cafes. Invite your team what they expect from them and when they know their responsibilities without having to constantly check them.

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