How can you best train the rest?

Do you know how important it is for the waiting staff to receive adequate training? I think many restaurant owners do not spend enough time training waitresses.

One of the most important things to look at is the wait in the client's eyes.

What do you see a customer when walking in his restaurant? Yes, correct answer … MESSAGE!

What's the last thing you see before you leave the restaurant? Yes, again … ANSWER POSSIBLE!

Everything between your arrival and arrival should be as enjoyable as your waiting staff.

What do I think of some good waitress qualifications.

  • outgoing personality. I love telling my waitresses when I pick them up, that I'm not a waitress's hire but a business card. I love telling my waitresses when I pick them up, I'm not a waitress, but a business card. As I said before, the first and the last what the client sees is the waitress's face.

    Every customer had special things. Some just want to walk and eat and stay alone, and others like to talk. As a waiter, he should be able to "read" the customers' needs. Who wants and what I can offer them.

    Do you notice that some waitresses give you better advice than any other waitress? this is what you want to keep! He can "read" the customer and provide them with the service they can use. It's like getting ready-made drinks, he knew there was a regular order, and much more.

    I think the waitress is one of the most respected work in the world. All of us have to wear their own special menus

    • .
    • bad or good moods
    • bad or good jokes.
    • bad or good days.
    • personality.
    • Strange eating habits

    And we look forward to being the same every day over and over again.

    It is therefore very important to prepare and direct the waiting staff to the way you want them to work. Keep the waiting staff and listen to the tips that you can improve your business. After all, in your ears and in the dining room. They talk to every customer on a daily basis, and when they prepare and evaluate them, they get a lot of feedback about how their clients look at your business and help grow your business.

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