How can you handle these eight insurance risks?

You may not recognize that risk and insurance are conceptually two different things, but may be among the large number of people who think the issue is purely theoretical and relying on insurance as the primary risk management tool. your business and your life in general. If so, you must take into account all eight categories of insurance risks and consider how they relate to them. Then think about how to handle them.

first Risks he did not know about. I can not give you examples in this category because I do not know what you do not know. The only answer is to be well informed about the risks. Or talk to someone who is.

2nd Things You've Forgotten to Provide You may have forgotten them or forgot to pay your fees. There is an obvious solution. Do it.

3rd Results of Conscious Decisions . You probably thought so, and decided he did not give you anything. Bravo! This may be due to the fact that you have regular annual claims and that it will be cheaper to save costs directly and save your insurance premiums or you may have realized that the risk is so small that it would have been worth a chance. Hopefully you can afford the costs if there is a claim

4. Surpluses and deductions . They are closely related to the previous category. The best solution may be a compromise between insurance and non-insurance terms. This means that you are demanding certain amounts paid by insurers. There are several versions of the solutions, but the concept is the same.

5th Conceptually not assured . Things can go wrong and spend money for all kinds of reasons that are outside the scope of insurance policies. These include bad business decisions, bad investments, bad cash management and reputation damage. The answer is good farming. Maybe some training would be helpful or using a counselor.

6th Legally not available . You can not be assured of fines or other penalties for crimes or punitive damages. To allow you to eliminate the purpose of punishment. Just keep the right side of the law

. Things you simply can not provide . An insurance company may not provide a certain risk. This usually occurred because of bad allegations or lack of appropriate control measures to reduce the risk. This means that there are no fire safety precautions, no health and safety policy, using people who do not have the right qualification or lack of adequate physical security. The answer is to talk to insurers or brokers and deal with your own concerns. If you think it is even unreasonable if you talked to them, maybe an independent person could help bridge the gap

. No one can provide . There are some cases where the insurance industry as a whole decides to deny a certain risk coverage. I remember the times when terrorism was not secured and when the environmental risks were very difficult to secure. In addition to lobbing the government, we can only take steps to minimize business risks and eliminate potential losses. I have found that staying in areas with (former) coal mines makes sling insurance virtually impossible. I will try not to do anything that would cause sinking, for example, to develop my property. Or if tuning

So if you think insurance is the answer to dealing with the risks, think again and review each of the above insurance risks, preferably before it's too late [19659011]

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