How can you pick up a staff before opening a restaurant?

You know how many employees you will need in the restaurant and the hours when it's open. Employees need a lot of work and they have to rent them before opening the restaurant. You have to find people who are doing a good job and are proud of their work. This will be very important to your restaurant's reputation and will greatly contribute to your success.

If you want good, hard-working colleagues, you should offer them good pay and health benefits. If your colleagues are not happy, they will show up in their work. A successful restaurant business is a bit like a family, it must always treat its employees fairly and honestly.

Before opening restaurants, there are many opportunities for recruiting staff. One is a classified section of newspaper or online advertising. If the employee needs special requirements, it should be mentioned in the ad. We should also mention that we are working-friendly, responsible, expecting people to name a few. The last thing you need is a sad bag who is not friendly with customers. Hopefully you will be able to read the type of personality you have a potential rental fee in the interview.

The local employment office usually has a job brokerage department. You can allow them to be open and take the job offer to their computer database and print out their billboards. There are very few people who register their resume with the employment office who are looking for work after opening a restaurant.

You might be offering a job for a student. You can do this by contacting local high schools, there may be a lot of students who want to work after school and weekend. Colleges and universities generally have billboards where they are able to show job opportunities. Another idea is to include chefs and chefs in a culinary dormitory.

When you open the restaurant and find that you still need some help, you can ask your best colleagues to recommend someone who fills the position. If you are a worker's friend, hopefully you will enjoy the same work ability.

Placing an ad in a restaurant window claiming that you are using applications for certain jobs is another way to attract potential employees. Give your time to be available and a phone where you can access it. You will then be able to see a group of potential workers within a certain time frame and not run when people are asked to complete their jobs. Organize.

If you are in a mall, and you see that there is a high-energy employee and an outgoing personality, tell them the job. If you meet a person whose skills are in another business, you have to say that you're looking for people who have the same pie and personality who can be interested in their work in your restaurant. Leave them a card and ask them to hand over the person who wants the job.

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