How do we handle multiple clients at a time?

Have you ever wondered how to serve three customers at one time without the customers being mindless?

If you've ever done a job at customer service, you're in no doubt in a situation where you feel multi-task with more people. Maybe a person walks to a reception when a phone rings and another call comes behind it.

Hey, you can not prevent these situations, so we learn how to cope with them Here are some tips that deal with multiple clients at the same time

The best way to serve more customers simultaneously depends on these According to both scenarios, however, every client deserves to be treated with respect and to feel important to his organization.

As a general rule, a person who enters the office of his or her office Enjoys a phone call If you receive a phone conversation during a personal conversation, y let the call go to voicemail or answer the call, call the caller's phone number, and call back to the person after completing the help of the person in your office.

If more people came into your office, try to manage them in the order they came in, but it's very important to keep in touch with everyone and find out they'll be with you soon.

If you have multiple phone calls for juggling simultaneously, it's best to end the call before the next start. If you are free to answer calls, you should finish with a caller (and before you can make a call, you can write notes to the client's database if your position requires it). Nothing bothers people like someone responding "Thank you for calling Archives and Records, please, please?" In addition to being asked on the phone when he refused to help him, he interrupts the continuity of the first call and extends this call, thereby aggravating his first caller. 19659002] As there are many resources available on the Internet, I highly recommend researching other methods, in particular communication skills development and David Allen GTD theory .

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