How do we handle Tracfone Customer Support?

The first step is to describe the phone number you are working on (large enough to read). I also wrote the PIN code on the Airtime card and the bonus code if I used one.

Most importantly, Tracfone's complaint is to be solid, durable and patient. Do not lose your patience, do not forget Tracfone Customer Service staff if you want to fix the problem. Often the customer service person you are talking to will not have English as a mother tongue.

The Tracfone battery is charged or plugged in and my number is sitting in front of the TV to relax and entertain and call Tracfone on the ground line. It may take some time for it to happen. Sometimes I had to call back 3-4 times to solve the problems.

Tracfone Customer Service Number 1-800-867-7183 . You are now ready to solve Tracfone's problems.

Now call and try to solve your problem. You will keep it several times. They're asking you again and again if you're okay if they're up. Patience. Keep track of how long the resolution has been spent. Remember the company's durability.

Sometimes you get stuck from the phone (accidentally disabled) and you need to call me back. That's why I wrote down my serial number. The serial number is difficult to read out on the phone screen. You might have to tell them the number 3 or 4 times. Do not be angry with your patience.

If you can not solve the problem, ask to speak to a supervisor. Please tell them that you called your problem 3 times and tried to solve your problem and still can not solve it.

When you finally get your problem, tell them how sick you were, how long was it, and how many times you were hanged. Then ask for a few free minutes to repay. They often give you a code that can take more minutes and more access time to your phone. Usually this was 20 free minutes and / or 60 days of access.

Keywords, Patience, Persistence.

Customer Service staff help. They read a computer script directly. They follow the script exactly. The supervisors seemed to slightly leeway off the script.

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