How do you determine customer service?

"We provide excellent customer service."

Have you heard that phrase? You might have said yourself, and yet how often do we give a great service to our customers?

What is customer service, anyway?

Encyclopedia Britannica says, "Customer Service involves many activities to keep existing customers satisfied."

Wow. It's blurry. And who determines what will satisfy the client?

JI Rodale's synonymous search engine offers these alternative words to the service: help, help, help, support, good turn, favor, hand, foot up, benefit, contribution; promote, promote, promote, support, recommend, support, and support.

We can catch our teeth on these words, but we're still in a room or a team member that determines what great customer service looks like without the customer's suggestions. How can we make great customer service or "keep existing customers happy" without our customers receiving it?

So the first step is to provide great customer service to determine what it looks and feel like. A great starting point is to ask the best customers:

What is left behind?
What experiences do we best give you?
What's the most important element of great customer service?

The client can precisely define customer service elements, but the conversation will have two important results:

1. Customers will appreciate it because they have asked for their opinions, listened to what they are saying and are planning to use some, but not all, suggestions.

2nd By listening to the lines, you can begin to understand what's important to your customer.

When my teenage son was young, and every week I would spend a summer camp. Sometimes we ditch, and sometimes we go camping. The warning was short and would therefore be great for planning this week; a local children's museum, a fun park with daylight, hayrides, rides in the woods and exits on the river. Every day they carefully planned the time and the adventure. The activities were entertaining, but costly, and cheap vacations in a tent often cost us as if we were in a hotel.

In the summer, as we drove back to the fun week, I asked my then five-year-old son what his favorite time was. We visited the Santa's Village, and I was quite expecting him to enjoy the fun park as his favorite experience.

"Do you remember the day we sat on the picnic table and the Spiderman's book was colored?" asked. "Yes," I said.


"What is it?"

"That was my favorite."

Who knew? I think what our customers think is the most important feature of the service, but without questioning them, we are just guessing. If we base our customer service measurements on a guess – how can we be sure we are very satisfied with our customers?

So how can we eliminate the customer experience for our business?

Many depend on the type of business. If you are an online business, the service is based on how easy it is to navigate your site, along the fine line between mess and content, and ensuring that words speak from the client's language.

Service activity can be better defined by accessibility. How easy is it to really grab it? Answer your phone or call up calls quickly. Do you have email and reply within a few hours? Are you willing to meet customers in their office? Are you going on time? Keep your promises?

The call center rarely greatly influences the call center's applied behavior and tone. Do you hear the smile in their voice? Do you use the "hold" button? Are they prepared to solve problems or do customers need to repeat the story on the ladder ladder several times?

The brick and mortar business has further opportunities from the parking space to providing services; clean and plenty of parking space? Was the customer warm and quick to accept it? Are your employees aware, useful, and available without floating? Is there a right choice? Did the store sell it in a pleasant way? Did you piss, empty and emptied the visible trash cans? If cleanliness is important for the customer, if an employee is serving a lunch in the cash register, he can even do a moment or delete the customer. Employees are another great resource for honest customer service.

Who can best help define your service than interact with your everyday customers? Ask your colleagues what customers have heard. If customers note the selection of the big magazine in their waiting room, keep them. If customers note that coffee or ice water is added, it will continue.

By involving your employees in the definition process, you take ownership to ensure that you continue.

The most important element to ensure and understand great customer service is consistency. Ritz Carlton is known worldwide for their customer service. How have such world-famous fame been developed? Every customer and every employee at Ritz Carlton has a great customer service every hour every day.

What service can your customers provide each time? Is something important to the customer? Create a definitive customer service definition, requesting employees and clients, which is the most important. Once we've determined what a great service looks like, it's time to do it!

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