How does business run in today's economy?

After the farm, the restaurant business looks good, thank you very much. That is, if you have a fast-food. The sales of larger, fast-food, chain stores are approx. 8%, while larger restaurants decreased by about the same amount. Independent restaurants that seem to suffer the most from the Nations Restaurant news.

It was reported that in 2009 nearly 5,204 independent restaurants were closed. With this in mind, the closing of 5,204 independent restaurants is not as unusual as any year.

The restaurant business is different than in the world. Many people think that holding the restaurant is the way. The truth is that having a restaurant is one of the toughest ways.

If the opening of a restaurant business has changed its mind, raise your hand. Ah, I see a lot of hands up. It looks pretty simple; rent a building, buy some furniture, buy some food, rent some staff and shop.

This is true, but the restaurant business is a bit more complicated.

Consider the following:

In the restaurant business, the rent may not exceed 5% of the monthly sales. Without restaurant experience you can only guess and hope. This is probably one of the reasons why last year, 5,204 independent restaurant companies completed. When you buy equipment, you have to meet urban requirements that must be met to keep them open. For example, you need to pass fire inspections, health checks, city codes, state codes, which include the number of seats and the parking option. The list goes on and on.

When you buy your first order, you may need to pay cash and you can order too much or too little because you do not have the experience to draw.

When you hire a staff, it is important to understand how to train, manage and motivate them. In the restaurant business, employees are the most important parts of success.

This is the best way to explain to you your perfect employee:

A good restaurant employee is someone you know well. Anyone can sell food, but it's hard to find someone who loves to sell food. You know what I understand; long ago you were waiting for you. Do you remember how you felt as you expected and remember how you felt when you next went to the same restaurant business and were not there?

Keep in mind that someone has picked up, trained and motivated this perfect employee. This kind of employee is not just a truck, as you know. It's hard to find, but if you do not have one in your restaurant, you can be in great trouble.

My friends, the grocery store is just this, it's a business. In order to achieve real success, we have experience. Treat the restaurant business with respect, get the right workout and you will have a fighting chance.

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