How to handle double or triangles

First, I want to know new servers knowing that double planting may be a normal occurrence, and that's not so great if you know what you need to do to deal with it.

For those who do not Do not know what is double or triple, or when the host or a seated-style restaurant, there are 2 or 3 tables available to guests who are sitting in the session very briefly.

Threefold planting can never happen in a restaurant is the reason for providing quality services to each guest sitting in the session for some time to greet and drink ( stand ) and place the order. So he sees that there are 3 tables in place, in a few minutes the service suffers.

So this is the dual or triple planting:

The absolute first thing to do is to make not panic or nervous . If you run, you can only make yourself and your guests worse. He said that he should know that he must move in urgent terms (19459005), that does not mean running or rushing things


In most cases, when you are double you can handle it delicious if you only wisely use your time. But if you already have some tables you're dealing with, or you're sitting in a triple ( we hope not ), here's what you're doing.

If you're too sorry or delighted, you should ask for help, do not try Superman or Wonder Woman (19459005)] Yes, I use them as an example ). You should ask another server or a manager to go and greet the guests at a table as they go and get another. I am convinced that you should receive such support from your management team or other service technicians.

If you do not support these people, you can do it here if you have no other option:

  1. The thing you have to do is recognize the other tables at least by going up to them and saying, "Everyone has one (or two) other tables I'll see before you, but I'll get to you as soon as I can."
  2. Move with Urgent Feeling and Stay In Focus
  3. If a manager or another server can not help you with greeting, ask them This will allow you to focus exclusively on other guests and start with drinks or starters.
  4. When you return to the other tables, you said you would come back a quick "sorry for the wait" and straight to your greetings.

I really believe I'm working as a team, even though there are some parts when it comes to restaurants as a server. But why not become easier in the life of your life and co-workers if, in such situations, you can all work together?

If you find that you are working in a restaurant where your host or hostess double or triple sessions are often likely to be something you need for management, because you actually have a job and you also need to do it.

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