How to make a restaurant?

So you have a good restaurant with good food and services, but the dining room is not always full. They spend a lot of money on marketing and wonder why they do not work for you.

Let me tell you that many restaurants have good food, good service and a pleasant atmosphere. especially in the eyes of buyers, as you wish.

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyers. Why should you come to the restaurant instead of one of your competitors?

Well, the truth is, if they stand out from other local opportunities, they probably will not.

is your place and what makes it special or otherwise a restaurant. And believe me, that's different. There are no two restaurants that are the same (except for franchise deals which, by definition, would like to look exactly the same and work).

So what makes the restaurant special or otherwise?

You need the essence of the essentials of supply so that people know why they have to come to their place instead of competing. This is called the Unique Selling Proposition (or USP for short).

You need to create and report a USP that identifies your restaurant and makes it unique.

So how can you do this? Do not worry, I'll help you. Just follow these simple three steps and start creating your own USP:

1. Describe the actual benefits or benefits that you are currently providing to your customers.

Think about what's special about my restaurant. Your food? The wine selection? Your service? Your location? Your decorations? Are you offering live music? Do you have a great menu choice? Open kitchen? Stb.

Ask your customers, employees, and service providers about what makes the restaurant special or special. Perhaps there is a unique recipe that people really appreciate and enjoy, or maybe the chef comes out of the kitchen and welcomes customers or has bilingual servers who are able to communicate with foreign travelers in their mother tongue.

Some aspects that help define the USP:

o A wide range of menu

o Unique ethnic food or menu items

o Restaurant specially designed to accommodate families (playgrounds, games or entertainment for children etc.

o Affordable prices

o Quality of food

o Originality of pots

o Excellent presentation

o Excellent service (good not enough: excellent!)

o Wide range of wines or special hard wines

o Wide variety of beers or special heavy beers

o Special cocktails

o Open kitchen where people can see / talk with chefs

o Beautifully Decorated Place

o live music

o candles on the tables

o fabric fabrics

o original art on the walls

o any other different advantages that competitors can not give or offer.

2nd Make a second list of your competitors' benefits or special things, but not you.

For example, is there a big place and the restaurant is small? They offer a full range, right? Do you have a super cook who can not offer his reputation? Do they have a great place while their seats are out of stock?

3rd List how to improve the unique benefits of a competitor

If your site is large and yours small, you can use it for you by declaring that "a unique experience in a cozy atmosphere where you get a very personalized treatment" [19659002] Or the opposite – if you have a great place, you can say, "There are facilities that are big enough to accommodate your office or your special occasion."

Or Compensation,

If you are in a great location,

Or if you can always say on the go: "Our restaurant offers free parking and is worth a trip as you will surely enjoy the extraordinary dining experience …" [19659002] You have the idea, right?

So write the top five benefits and / or differentiate your place unique. Then we put them in a short sentence or expression

This will be USP

After you submit your USP, write it down, review it, and edit it multiple times to make it as clear and complete as possible.

Enter your new USP in one paragraph. You may have problems expressing it concisely and clearly. You can also take some paragraphs. That's okay.

Now, modify all skin (cut the fat) and focus on the basic message as long as you have a clear and unique USP that people recognize and immediately identify with the restaurant. It must be a memorable sentence.

Share with your colleagues; share it with your customers. Talk about the world by using it in all marketing and sales materials …

Keep in mind that attention has become shorter now, so the USP needs to be short and memorable

If these techniques come and go create a powerful and memorable UPS, then ahead of you competitors who simply announce restaurants in the most general manner.

People react to short and remarkable messages. If some of you can clearly formulate the essence of your place and continue to use them to promote your business, you must be able to stand out from the crowd.

Happy sailing,

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