How to Manage Your Restaurant – Labor Cost

Labor Cost Consciousness

Labor Cost Control is One of the Most Important Factors in Managing Your Business

You may not pay attention to your job, you are likely to lose revenue

What is the primary cost?

The primary cost is the total cost of the goods sold, the gross wage cost for all employees, which includes payroll, payroll, employee composition, health insurance and other employee benefits. For a fast-food or casual F & B facility a good benchmark for primary costs is 60% or less of F & B revenue.

In the restaurant, learning the main cost is at the top. 20 and are 25% of hourly employees and 10% for the management.

The prestigious restaurant has a higher percentage of workforce. The menu's sales composition, food and service quality, pricing, and running time will impact your food and labor costs.

How to keep good labor costs?

effectively monitors his colleagues.

All this begins by setting up a restaurant schedule

Not just scheduling staff routines, a reasonable schedule that is sensible. The management should lead the leaders in the office; make sure that you enter the sales data obtained on the forecast sales

. Community events are a huge factor. See if you can get a school diary to inform you about school play and other events.

Do you know what's happening in the neighborhood like:

  • Concerts
  • Musicals
  • Sports Events
  • Do you know theatrical performances when they release it?

Chamber of Commerce: to find out what's happening in your area. Find the state or the local Chamber of Commerce, all events in the community forum are listed

Supermarkets are a great way to know what's happening in the neighborhood.

How to Keep My Work Percentages Down [19645002]

  • Appropriate Staff Training: The better the training, the less errors or mistakes have changed. Make sure you have a great training program. Training coaches is an excellent way to show instructors what they expect from them. Each trainee needs to be trained to train a qualified staff, all trainees must be trained and quizzes given. Instructors should not prepare staff unless they demonstrate their skills and learning techniques, these workers must train in the way they are trained. The management must constantly monitor the training to ensure it is working properly.
  • Cross Training: Cross-Run Dishwashers at the Baking Station or Buster Tables. Hosts or hosts can help the servers to drive orders or food to the guest. Cooking cooks are cooked. The point is, during the peak period, employees can move in different positions if the sales are higher than usual or if the servers are in the weeds. Crossed employees can handle multiple positions in off-peak periods, so in low-wage periods, a minimum number of employees can participate.
  • Qualified Employees: Staff training on how best to perform the WOW EFFECT as long as they are consistent and trained.
  • The Right Way to Run : Who Teaches Leaders? – Owners must be involved in the day-to-day operation of their restaurants. Driving is possible in many ways. When you are looking for a manager for a restaurant, make sure you have previous experience and referenced checks have taken place. Or the owner is able to train a worker or search for a restaurant advisor who either seeks out staff members through delivery training or over the Internet. Once the staff of the directors has been properly trained, they can train other staff members on how to provide each guest with a service WOW service.
  • You know: Owners or managers need to know where they stand for per cent of the workforce per hour. You can read sales sales at POS (POS), the same applies to the labor force. Then divide the wage costs by total sales = by the percentage of the workforce. A good index of employees is 20-25% per hour and 10% for management. If you use a paper control system because you do not have POS, you can keep track of sales and work per hour. Create a sales and labor log to get your sales and work done. Both the owner and the manager can add the numbers or use the host to collect the hourly watch for the hour, and the management can regain the dollar's labor force. Keep in mind that you do not cut off the staff before the meal. Servers try to persuade management to lower the floor because they will make more money, employing enough staff to provide exceptional service to their guests. During the meal, the management should give direction to the staff for the closure of work and associated areas. These employees need to turn off the clock from time to time – do not let the clock be sweet – that's the money you waste. Do not go over the restaurant: is very expensive. If you work with your staff, make sure you respond quickly to early posting of your staff if sales are not done. [19645019] How to Create a Rational Timetable ? You know what the planned labor dollar is, and share it last week's sales or use the rolling sales dollar number.

For example: If you are in Week 4, spend a week ($ 1552.00) for the second week ($ 1932.00) and the third week ($ 2405.00) = $ 5889.00. Share workpieces by $ 1300.00 per sale at $ 5889 = 22%. Use 22% to guide a meaningful timetable.

After you have created a schedule, if your planned workforce exceeds 25%, you must modify it. If the percentage is below 20%, you can add several hours to the schedule.

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