How to Provide Featured Customer Service?

As many people know, I have done my mission to change the world-market aspects of customer service. Too many people today have accepted the fact that wherever they go, they will receive less than acceptable customer service. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

When we work so hard for money, what is it, why spend on a business location (no matter what type of business it is) that provides less than excellent customer service? Does it make sense to surrender your money in this way? It's still not clear … okay, let me show you another way. Go to a restaurant and ask for a steak. The waitress stretches out a piece of chicken. She shrugs her shoulders and says, "Okay, it's okay." Tomorrow you eat more chicken and you're still leaving the waitress … would you really accept that? Of course not! But this is the kind of unacceptable customer service we get in other business premises, and we just nod over our heads and say it's okay! Stop the sick people!

For all those out there (ie everyone), it's time to recover God who has received the Great Customer Service. Free Will is the people, and I want to use my free will to change the world view of customer service. One way of doing this is to deny the business from anywhere, where I get poor quality customer service. Are you willing or helpful in this quest? All you have to do is: Do not break business in places that do not value your business. And let them know that they will no longer trade and why. Entrepreneurs or managers may not know that there is a problem until they inform you. Once we have started to change our views as we accept as customer service, businesses will adapt to bettering us. All right, right!

As for all employees and employers, there are steps you can take to ensure that your customers are surrounded by the best customer service. And when you start providing this type of customer service, your customers will continue to return more. In fact, providing the best service to them wherever they can be and less attractive, they will return more often because they can not burn it.

So, what's the move? Follow these steps to ensure that your customers will return any more: (I canceled it on two steps:


  • Imagine your employees managing their customers. , please visit my blog at and send me an email and create a training for you. Clients expect to get you from your business, which is clearly different from each business and from it it also depends on what business you are doing, but put yourself in your shoes … If you were the customer, you are expecting it to be customer service? Once you have clearly defined it then you can train the staff how to deliver it
  • high quality staff, and be sure to insist on it, not only use it as a tool to "write" or "fire" your employees. Be clear … if you have an employee who needs to fire, then make sure to do so. But I do not believe in the type of leadership that only uses negative reinforcement. I believe that you should also apply positive reinforcement to employees. In fact, you will find that the more positive you use, the more you will get out of your employees. Do not use fear management. Bleach negativity and bad morale and can ever be felt and felt by customers. This will only lead to bad customer service.
  • The business of mysterious shops is a great way to find out how your employees work. Now, after I say this again, I'm going back to my last point, do not use this as a fear management tactic. I worked for an enterprise that did this and believe that it only covers negativity and bad morality, and again results in worse customer service because clients perceive the worker's tensions. Now, if you do not know what mysterious purchase is, let me put it out for you. Mysterious shopping is where someone buys you as a buyer or potential customer to see what customers come when they come to your business. Again, the standards that are in place are all dependent on the type of your business and how the employees are trained to the customer. Obviously you have not taught them yet, do not do this until you do. Now, mystery shopping can be done in several ways. You can hire a company to do it for you. It provides the company with the criteria that employees have to meet and what mysterious client wants to do and say. They then hire a mysterious buyer to come along while the customer and the mysterious buyer report to the company he hired to let the employee fully detail the individual criteria and overall quality. The company then gives you details about the mystery shop. It's a great way to test your customers' overall experience and attract more employees. Now, I recommend some things. Do not tell your colleagues that you do this. If they know, they will get nervous and treat their clients differently. It's more natural if you just do what you always do to assess your usual customer experience. After receiving the feed, use it as a training tool not only for the employee, but also for each, so everyone is on the same level. And reward your employee for a good job. If you do not want to hire a company for a mysterious purchase, you can ask your friend or family member to appear as a customer and evaluate the experience. Or assess your customers how much they thought about their overall experience, what they liked about it, and what they thought differently!
  • Finally, and I can not emphasize this, the only way we can provide a high customer service to be customer service is to plan how your employees will meet your standards and examine the standards. Also, pay your employees what they deserve and give them reward to get to the extra mile. If your employee's minimum wage is paid and they do not get the incentive to "go for extra miles" then they will not get anything extra from them or customers. Employees are the face of business. The service provided by the business comes directly from the employees, so make sure your employees get a fair deal.


  • First, when you work with your clients, no matter what your occupation, do you think this way … How do you care if you are a customer?
  • If you are not dissatisfied with your current job, do not take it out with the customer. Remember, it is not their fault that you are not dissatisfied with your job and not their fault that we are in the position of whatever it may be. Again, remember what you would expect if you were a customer?
  • When we talk to a client, smile first. Hi Hello, how can I help you? If you are not behind a counter, shake hands, show yourself and ask your name. Then ask them how to help.
  • If your employer has a standard customer service, make sure you know what it is and keep it. And at the end of the year, when you receive your annual review, make sure you reminded your bosses in writing of how they met this standard and asked that they be added to the annual review.
  • If you work in a business like a grocery store, a store, etc. … why ignore the customers while they are walking? Why do you try to run them as you wander in the store? When you enter a store, expect it to run, run, or ignore? And when are you bothering yourself? Here's the point – no matter where you work, never ignore the client's past and never be more important than a customer. This is a valuable lesson for learning. No matter who you are or where you work, you need to learn to appreciate your customers! Think about it – not just how can the customer get the bad service, but more importantly, if there was no job! Keep in mind that the next time you ignore your client.

The fact is that customer service is ignored, or takes second place for business growth and profitability. If in fact the great customer service really does this, it will increase your business and make it more lucrative.

When looking at 50 places, 94% of people in the room tell you they did not get good customer service. In addition, they say that they have recently received a very bad service, more than they wish to remind you.

I believe that together, we can change the way we value customers and customers. If we all work together to change everyone's point of view, we may be able to bring back the days when customers were respected and examples of "Great Customer Service", not bad customer service.

Please send me an e-mail. In order to send me an email, you will need to visit my blog at and then find my e-mail address. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments not only about the article, but also about the examples of after-sales service. Thank you in advance for helping me in my mission.

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