How to Recommend Friendly Customer Service Part 1: Connect

Our arrival arrived almost twelve hours late. When the wind was freezing, the zero and the snow dropped so sharply that the windscreen wipers could hardly keep the windshield clean. The driver led the limousine to the resort's heated dock. I've learned the lesson for many years, my practice comes no less than 24 hours before a speech preparation, and today this practice has paid off well. Though close to morning hours in the morning, he still had time to settle and rest. That is, if my booking did not take place as in some hotels, they would practice themselves.

The doors opened automatically and an attentive young man offered a kindly warm welcome, took me to my night bag and took me to the reception while asking me that my day was so far. As he approached the desk, an official greeted him frankly and declared, "You must be Mr. Wisner." Since there was only one room available and a reservation that had not arrived, it was great that I owe it. The warmth of the building was just beyond the warm welcome the staff gave me. I felt very good as I grew up, but I felt like a family.

The first step in providing enjoyable customer service is to contact the customer. The staff of both resorts built a relationship in the aforementioned story with which he was watching me. They built a relationship with me.

Some salespeople have a natural ability to interact with others. Many valuable people know the importance of keeping in touch with customers and therefore focus on developing relationships. Too few people are exceptionally talented about their customers. Here are some tips for customers:

o Use your name as often as comfortable. Dale Carnegie said; "The sweetest voice in the world is a person's own name." Do not take this technique. Excessive use of a person's name can be annoying.

o Place appropriate eye contact. When you talk to a client, look at her in her eyes. If you find yourself facing windows or seeing other distractions, your client may feel uncomfortable or unaware of them.

o Make sure it is comfortable. If your client is not comfortable, he will not be able to pay full attention to them.

o Ask them to do so. The best way of positive contact is positive. Ask your customer questions to get a yes.

o Treat them as if they were important … because they did. Customers' lives are sales person. Handle every customer as a valuable customer. The reason why most buyers stay with a supplier, "because I care."

o Smiles. There is a great attitude. If you have a positive attitude, your client is more inclined to the optimum attitude. Positive attitudes or just like a smile. The more you give, the more you get in return.

o Focus on what they are saying. This is because most people do not remember the person they met just because they did not listen to what they said. They were thinking of what they would answer. In Series 2 you will hear more.

The most appropriate way for a friendly customer service is to connect to a customer. Like Sir James Barrie said; "Those who bring sunlight to people's lives can not keep it from themselves." When you start a node with a customer, you must first focus on networking. Do not even think about your needs. Just focus on how they relate to them. During my annual travels, most of the staff working at the check-in desk are very nice and approachable. "It was good". Few people saw the ability or the desire to come to me and really care about my day moving. Satisfaction is never enough to create a joyful customer service.

People who were welcoming me at the Pikes Peak's feet were so connected to me that I made it comfortable and welcoming.

Think of situations where you have experienced a pleasant customer service. Next, think that the sales person was in contact with you.

How do you relate to your customers? Do they think they care about them? Are you saying you have great attitudes? Are you saying that you provide kind customer support?

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