How to Start a Restaurant Business

First you have to think about the type of restaurant you want to open. Firstly, restaurants can be divided into three categories: fast service or fast-food, midscale, where you get good food at a good price and abound with charm and ornamental food. It also depends on the type of food you want to serve and the type of customers living in the area.

One idea is to open an ethnic restaurant like Italian, Mexican, French, and so on. You can open an ethnic restaurant in the three categories, but before choosing it, look at the demographic of your area. You might want to receive a demographic survey so you can get information about:

o The age of customers who will eat at the restaurant business.

o What kind of ethnic groups live in the neighborhood?

o Close to the restaurants and income levels restaurant.

o How many people will be interested in the type of food they will serve.

o What services or products do you have for your residents? Do you have enough business in the area where you plan your business?

Competitive analysis shows you what other restaurant activities are in the neighborhood and what competition they give you. You can do this by going to a restaurant as a customer and viewing the menu to find out how much you pay for your food and drink. This will help you determine how much you have to pay for your fare. To begin a competitive survey, check the phone book and yellow pages in the area that perform restaurant activities in the same category as yours.

Type and size of restaurant activity determine the amount or size of the following:

o What you will need in the line of equipment.

o How many pieces of pots, glassware, tableware, bed linen and napkin will be needed.

o Cooler, freezer and storage size.

o How great your building will be.

o How many employees should rent.

o Need a lot of parking space.

o What you'll need for your ad line.

What will you call for your business at the restaurant? Your name choice must be such as to reflect your sales and help you sell your goods. You will be asked to have all our clients able to say and name the name in order to visit the phonebook or write a check. The name must be more creative than the competition and must match the type of menu you offer.

Make sure you have not logged in to someone else, make sure the selected name was registered for someone else's trademark. If not, make sure you register your name with the county administrator. You must also check the federal government to make sure they have no registered trademarks with the selected name. Runs to use an already registered name.

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