Importance of food management in the food industry

Material Handling: Organized movement of a specific substance from place to place at the right time and in the right amount. This may include lifting, horizontal or vertical motion, and storage of materials. It is an important factor in the smooth operation of the food processing plant and can greatly affect the quality of the product and the cost and profitability of the operation.

Once the material enters the factory gate, it is handled at all times. All movements endanger the material. Material handling is so common that cost calculations are often ignored. Everyone knows that shipping is a cost. Material movement and flow shall be considered as an internal transport operation for which cash value is attached. Costs for handling, storing and moving must be added to the cost of the final product

In many operations, making production as efficient as possible has made little or nothing to make the material handling more efficient. No wonder the cost can reach up to 50% of all manufacturing costs. Inadequate handling of raw materials can be a major factor in waste and damage to the product. Each time a material is moved, there is a risk of crashing, falling and crushing. The insecurity of commercial trucks, conveyors and carts is responsible for a number of serious accidents

Sales and distribution costs and sales prices of all food products. Modern methods of handling move and distribute as little work, waste and costs as possible in the shortest possible time and with maximum security.

In the food industry, material handling means the movement of raw material between a warehouse, a supplier or a receiving bay to a bulk warehouse or a processing line. During processing, materials must be transferred from one process to another. After processing, the materials must be transferred from the packaging to a warehouse or sent.

Creating a material management plan requires a fair effort and is expected to be a parallel advantage. Material Handling targets include reducing management costs by better utilizing workforce, machines and space, reducing operating costs, reducing manufacturing or processing time, effectively utilizing storage space, moving the material, manufacturing material, handling injuries and accidents Prevention, Product Quality Improvement and Reduction of Material Waste

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