Importance of quality internal and external customer service

Quality customer service for customers and customers is essential for enterprise survival and growth. After all, the majority of this income that your business is looking for. Nowadays, customers choose a particular product or service to provide the most appropriate money for them. This goes far beyond the originally used product or service. In fact, in most cases, they are able to win those products and services that ultimately help them make every important decision about which company's products and services will be used.

the quality of the service that is received after receiving the product or service. Here, you will get a great customer service from your company. Occasionally, an existing customer or customer invokes or sends an email to certain issues and complaints regarding the products or services that are being used at the company. It is the responsibility of the customer service personnel to ensure that customers' needs are met in good time. Failure to do so often results in the buyer choosing not only to take over his business to another company. In many cases, the customer is often asked to repay the amount paid for the services and products originally used by him, which results in the company actually having losses like profits.

On the other hand, if the customer's requirements meet and within a reasonable time, the customer is not only happy to continue supporting the company's products and services, but also recommends to his business that other potential customers and clients

that customer service staff continue to motivate quality customer service to their customers and clients. Here is the importance of internal customer satisfaction. Employees are like internal business clients and, like external clients, have their own requirements that expect the company to meet the services they provide. It was noted and observed that employees who believe that the company will take care of it are highly motivated to go beyond what is acceptable to the company's quality standards. As a result, they are committed to ensuring that the clients and customers of the company receive the same treatment they receive.

On the other hand, if employees' needs are not met, they eventually disappoint and disappoint at the company. This would be reflected in the performance of the work. They are less motivated to fulfill the duties and responsibilities required by the company. They disappear more often, and in some cases this ultimately results in a high employee turnover increase. As with external clients, these events may also lead to an increase in unnecessary financial losses and expenses for the company, who have to constantly raise a higher budget for recruiting and training, and compensation for employees has felt that their rights have been violated or ignored

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