Importance of restaurant location – List of location criteria for a restaurant

If you choose to start a restaurant business, you must choose a place where the new business succeeds. The venue is of great importance in the viability of a restaurant business. Although you know you need a lot of space in a good restaurant, there are many other things to do. Below is a list of selection criteria that can help you measure the goodness of a given place.

Local Zone Regulations

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a place to eat in a restaurant

Location and rent of restaurant

It is obvious that a restaurant needs to try to be in an excellent location, and good in the neighborhood. transport processes. However, these types of sites are at a price, and this is a high rental fee that needs to be paid. A good alternative may be a less prominent place, such as a side bar or a second or third floor of a building. Then he will be able to save a fortune on the rent and negotiate more favorable rental terms with the owners of the building. However, the bad site needs to be compensated with a top-quality marketing plan and food and service that encourages customers to return.

Operating Size

It would be a good idea to have the action you want to create on the size of your restaurant. One of the basic requirements at a venue will be that it is big enough to create a restaurant with the desired size and concept. Health and Safety Laws determine how many people can occupy the building to meet these requirements before starting the site. It is possible that the attribute you think is perfect is too small for the client you need to attract.


You will see that restaurants are usually located in places that are near good business and business areas and residential areas. Availability ensures that you are attracted to the people who need to maintain the business. Exit outside the building you are considering when you open the restaurant. Calculate your vehicles and pedestrian traffic and compare them to the other sites you are considering.

An exception to the rule if you have a "on-the-go" location, such as a beach or a vineyard. Sometimes an unusual location of a restaurant may become a point of sale. Keep in mind that in the right circumstances people show values ​​such as beach views or mountain scenery, comfort and accessibility.

Lease or Buy

You have to decide whether leasing or buying a site would be the best step. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Most restaurant entrepreneurs start leasing and retain their capital for start-up costs and business growth, not investing in assets at the same time.

Discussions with landowners and try to think about how flexible they will be under the terms of the lease. Accessing a lease agreement may be a lengthy process, helping you to deal with real estate owners with whom you can communicate well.

Demographic Areas and Market Research

Think about the neighborhood of your recommended restaurant. Then think about the nature of the restaurant that would be suitable for the surrounding residents. Take some time to demographic analysis of the area to get to know the age, ethnic background and socio-economic situation of the local population.

Choosing a local economy and location

People will only eat in restaurants if they have jobs and have discretionary income. Consider the local economic conditions before setting up the restaurant. How does business feel in the local area?

The local economy also influences its notion. Fast food typically continues to be popular in the bad economy, but the higher-priced menu option may not work well in a city where it was factory shut down.

Competition and other businesses

Before you decide on a restaurant site, you should consider the other businesses that are in the field. A lot of competition is not necessarily bad because the market is healthy and supports a number of restaurants. No matter how much you want to minimize the competition, as far as you can, it will be near our restaurant. At least be sure to select a restaurant concept that is unique in the area, so you have few direct competitors.

Second, you need to know if there is another business nearby that can complement a restaurant. For example, if a movie theater is out of the restaurant along the way, you will see some good movies after the movies when they are going to eat before watching a movie.


It would be a good idea to know how customers come to a restaurant at the recommended location. The great restaurant provides an ideal location for your own car park. Depending on your concept, a nearby public car park is also acceptable. Keep in mind, however, that many people simply go to another restaurant if they do not have a car parked anywhere. Keep in mind that in some cities the proximity of public transport can be more important than parking.

External and Environmental Effects

Look after the sidewalks and other buildings on the site. Sometimes they may affect the impression of your business's prospective merchant. Your neighbors are less controllable, so you want to choose a restaurant where the environment is maintained, properly and well maintained.

Renovation costs

Different locations have different costs by transforming available space. One of the major factors affecting the size of renovations is the use of buildings earlier. If the previous owner has operated a restaurant on the site, the renewal requirements must be minimal.

If you have a seat in the restaurant, you have to minimize the costs of cost reduction. You may consider increasing your spending if you are able to talk to the owner of the building and contribute to these costs. The length of the rental period is also a determining factor for determining the amount of the expenditure.

Take a building supervisor or entrepreneurs who have experience in transforming building owners and ask them for ideas about renovation costs.

If you choose to start the restaurant, consider that the venue is one of the most important factors that determine your success. Review the above criteria during the selection process. The building you choose should not only be in an outstanding location but must be practical and functional for the restaurant to function well.

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