Important aspects of risk management

Every project leader should be valuable to the importance of sound risk management.

Without projects being open to questions that can not only cause pain, but (and are able to) completely displace them, adding costs and delivering time in such a way that the project becomes unworkable.

Although the actual risk management process is well-known (collecting risks, reviewing them, and reducing mitigation strategies) too often project groups are too uncertain of the risks and omit the fundamentals.

• Risk management requires its maintenance, not just a one-off process.
• Understand the role of potential impacts in determining what you are doing.

Role of Impact

Most project managers create risk registers or logs for risk assessment that are required for future risk assessment.

While these journals change in style and content, most of them contain some common elements.

Among them, the effect is one of the most important! The effect describes what happens when the risk is realized. For example, there may be a risk that the software does not meet the customer's needs in the IT project.

Let's see that the effect of this has been for a moment – the customer – withholds payment and requires costly costs at project teams' expense, the project team needs additional activities such as gathering more detailed requirements or encoding.

Basically, the effect affects two things: • Time to complete additional tasks and
• Extra cost

is High, Medium, and Low, and although this is a rough method, it is not really work. All risks are not created in the same way and require different treatment modes.

Understanding costs and lead time is crucial because it helps you rank your decisions and help you figure out what to do. For example, you can not handle the risk, which can cost you $ 10 as well as handle a risk that costs $ 1,000,000.

A detailed description of the impact assessment can help in many other ways, such as mitigating strategies and budgets (many projects will deprive the funds to cover the risks).


Risk management is undoubtedly one of the most important project management oversized over time and cost. However, this process alone is not enough and the project team needs to think carefully about how to apply the process, including important attributes, to get the most out of the activity.

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