Improve customer service by being honest with your customers

According to all headlines related to business and government corruption, many people believe that honesty can be considered. Sincerity, however, can improve customer service. Last week I realized the power of honesty in customer service. Let me give you two real examples to illustrate this.

When I returned to a meeting with a client, I stopped in a national restaurant chain where I was constantly enjoying good food and fast service, no matter how busy the restaurant was. After ordering, I watched others detained and noticed they were still waiting for food orders. Finally, I asked my waitress, and then the manager suddenly appeared with my order. She asked if everything was fine and I took her word and answered "No." Then I shared with him that I was waiting for 20 minutes and watched that they were separated from others and enjoyed their food. The manager quickly apologized to him, saying he had more than enough staff to cover the dinner crowd and picked up the bill. Shortly thereafter, my waitress came in and tried to raise the poor service of poor kitchen assistance while remaining unfaithful. He asked me to come back and I said that I will continue to know this chain, but not in this place. Your service received less than 10%, and I understand you probably do not know why.

Later this week I was searching for another national chain after lunch. The service was good until I asked for the bill. After 10 minutes waiting, and another waiting staff finds my server, he has appeared with the check and apologized for the wait. Then he said, "I read an Avon catalog and lost time." A 20% extra tip rewarded her sincerity.

How often is honesty, complementing a more comfortable, less definite answer? Fear of being bad or incompetent prevails over the simple truth. Responsibility and personal accountability on someone else's shoulders are sadly a way of life.

If you really want to improve customer service, go beyond traditional customer service training and encourage your employees to be honest with their customers and take responsibility for their affairs. Of course, this also means that employees need to know the core values ​​of the organization's strategic plan and that everyone has to live up to these values ​​from day to day.

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