Improving customer service: A role model if it's good

You may be a leader in the industry, which is well-known for the highest level of customer service. You may experience the meaning of truism: "Lonely on top." When the company is looking around for a role model and the inspiration goes further, who can you turn to? One way is to look at other industry leaders, analyze their philosophy, and examine what has made them successful.

One of these industry leaders is Nordstrom, a refurbished service from one of the domestic fashion stores in the Seattle shoe store, generous size ranges and premium clothing, footwear and accessories for the whole family.

According to the company's philosophy, the company's philosophy has remained unchanged over 100 years since John W. Nordstrom's creation in 1901: providing customers with the best service, choice, quality and value. Perhaps because Nordstrom was interested in retail and beyond.

In fact, Robert Spector and Patrick McCarthy authors wrote a nationwide bestseller title, The Nordstrom Way: America's Inner Story Customer Service 1 (New York: Wiley & Sons, 1995). McCarthy enjoyed a successful career as one of Nordstrom's outstanding business associates. See this series of summary statements from the Spectector and the McCarthy book, followed by notes in each case. It may be a pleasant surprise.

  • The best people in Nordstrom are doing their best to ensure that a customer is a satisfied customer. This is a great customer service. Keep in mind what Zig Ziglar says: "This attitude is more than your ability to determine your altitude." Of course, this "Whatever You Have" attitude applies to your internal customers as well as external customers.
  • Motivated employees make "heroism" – outstanding customer service activities that are part of the Nordstrom technique Encourage people to report heroisms in their work. These heroes can come in all shapes and sizes: getting out of the way for placement of the product, unwanted deliveries, gentle response and satisfaction when the customer is extremely outraged – whatever it is for our client, "Wow! my expectations, and my expectations were high! "
  • Employees are instructed to always make a decision that likes the customer before the company. They never criticize them because they have done too much for a customer . Your performance is always measured by what customers can or can not serve. Like Nordstrom, you have to consider your own interests as well. Nordstrom would prefer to hire nice people and teach them to sell it than to hire sellers and learn how to be nice. Nordstrom says, "I take the smile and the skills." I heard almost the same statement from company executives who discussed their rental practices. This is especially true of departments facing customers such as sales, customer service and shipping.
  • If you handle royal clients and tell them that they will take care of them, they usually come back to you. It's always easier and more economical to keep customers than to find new ones. It takes time and attention to customers who have to make sure they are loyal, even if a competitor reduces their price. They know that apples are a passion fruit comparison.
  • When clients enter a department, managers always make sure they are recognized. They're relaxed and reluctant to help customers feel the same way. Here sometimes you have to learn to walk a fine line. The principle, however, is that if your staff looks strange, the client takes the same attitude. You must learn to create a calm self-confidence, even if you are extremely busy or urge the tough deadline.
  • Retaining current good employees at the company is just as important as attracting new ones. What is the average occupancy of employees? Six months? Four years? Twelve years or more? Just listen to what people say about the retired party: Our company says, "I've worked here for years and want to say new people: this is a great company that I've always felt like I'm family at the company." [19659006] The underlying Nordstrom culture and philosophy is not difficult to pass on to the next generation because it is simple: Give great customer service. "Customer focus" is one of the company's most important values; you can not just donate. It must be essential to what you are.

Search for leadership in other industries and explore customer service philosophy. You and your staff will find inspiration to deliver the highest quality services and products, resulting in excellent customer retention, extended employee treatment and a better baseline.

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