Increase sales by combining sales and customer service to build customer loyalty

Can customer service and sales departments be considered as separate silos? What would happen if you were to compile them with a smooth flow, the ultimate goal of building loyal customers and thus increasing sales?

Many small businesses, not to mention the bigger, can see customer service and sales as a separate department. Customer Support People make all calls to products or services while customers receive orders. This perspective creates silo thinking, which results in sow behavior, which reduces sales rather than increases them.

For example, what would happen if you were focused on the outcome to build loyal customers from customer service and sales departments? What would this be in the small business? What kind of behavior do you have to consistently demonstrate to build loyal customers and increase sales? You may need to go back to your strategic plan and examine the statement of values.

Many businesses are short-selling sales people. This creates a significant gap as the business owners must return to the sidewalk. Still, customer service people, many of whom are only administrative support staff, are increasingly involved in the sales process.

So, if every business worked from the point of view that every customer, every client, prospect, every vendor, and any person who is either stopping or stopping, should target the goal of loyalty to customers. the bottom line?

There will be no statement This is not my job will hear your business. Employees should not only respect external clients, but also other internal staff. Everyone now focuses on creating loyal customers who do not only repeat business, but require critical business references that are needed to grow a business.

Silo thinking is more of a problem than any other type of organizational issue. Its goal is to unite vendors and customer service people to build loyal customers and fully increase sales.

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