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For many days it seems that customer service is not what it used to be. I do not know about you, but I often meet with coarse sales staff, coarse waiters / waitresses, rough brokers … However, one person has been encouraged to find stories and an article about inspirational customer service.

The man who inspired me was a busboy (40 years of age) on a Congo island in Warren (MI); had long hairy hair in a pony jacket, skull with tattoos, headaches, and he was the most natural man in the whole restaurant. When he came to our table, he said, "Please forgive me (and he actually means!), Can I clear my board for you?" I said, "I'm sure, thank you!" He smiled and, as he took my record, said, "thank you nice day." I replied to my dad I had lunch: "WOW – is it a lot of stereotypes, is not he? Maybe the most politic busboy I've ever seen!" As our conversation continued with this man's service, he watched her visit the restaurant and every table she approached had the same excellent service. He totally made the day! Imagine how enjoyable every experience is if more people apply their customer service techniques – polite, honest and honest!

Any person with a "client" has the ability to differentiate and create memories that motivate their customers to return. For a positive attitude and customer service week (October 6-10, 2008) The following two popular customer service stories:

This man was called a hero. He had a book about him, titled "The richest man in the city." He was 70 years old and received a "Hero Prize" from the retail store he worked for; This fee is rarely given. You may not have heard of it … the name is Marty Martinson.

Marty never made a lot of money, lived in a double trailer and was not well educated. Marty was kind, respectable, compassionate and humble. Marty was actually a cashier at Wal-Mart, Billings, South Dakota. Marty was firmly convinced that everyone deserved to be kind and respectful.

Marty spent an average of two minutes on average with each customer, but always inspired. Marty raised questionable questions, made definite handshakes and showed a real caring attitude for every person in his cashier. He shook his hand not only with his hand but touched his heart. Clients have come back and Marty's line is longer and longer because more and more people wanted to continue to experience Marty's special touch. Johnny the Bagger

Johnny was a 19-year-old boxer in a grocery store. Johnny was also a Down syndrome patient. Johnny attended a customer service training class where he learned how important it is to create a custom style for interaction with clients. At first she did not think she could be different, just because she was just a booty. But then he had an idea … Every night after dinner Johnny read a "thought to the day," and when he did not like what he was reading, he would have done it himself. So one night, Johnny's father helped Johnny into the "thought of the day" in the computer and printed out several copies of the quote, cut them off, signed the back cover, and bought the bills of quotes the next day. When Johnny bought all his food for each customer, he slipped a piece of paper into the bag and said, "Thank you for purchasing us.

In a few weeks Johnny's pay line was at least three times longer than all other lines. The business manager called all the cash funds he could find, but the most feasible thing happened … no one wanted to leave Johnny's line. As he tried to force people to move to a shorter line, the manager repeatedly said, "No thanks, I'll wait for Johnny," or "Nope, I'll stay here, Johnny, I'm thinking of the day."

Customers who only they stopped and started to buy more often just to get Johnny's thoughts on the day. Not only did Johnny's personal customer service style inspire clients, but inspired other employees in the store. For example, when the staff of the floral department found a flower with broken stems, they would find a little girl and give her the flower.

The stories of Busboy, Johnny the Bagger and Marty remind us that simple, honest acts can have a positive impact on Customer Service. Let's go back to the basics of customer service – it does not have to be too extravagant, it does not have to be an expensive formal program. People need to return, resume donations, continue their visit, buy friends, products, and services, or advertise non-profit organizations. Some things you have to remember when you handle your clients (internal and external), your clients, your students, your volunteers, and your donors:

  • Positive attitude gives a positive result
  • Smile – sun
  • Always respectful, especially in difficult situations
  • Do Your Own Fingers for Customer Satisfaction
  • What You Say And What You Do
  • It Matters Every Moment – You Make Good Moments
  • Not Your Most Important Position, but the Most Important It Matters
  • Great Service From the Heart comes from

Customer Service is not a department but ATTITUDE!

Do you have the right one?

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