Internal customer service impact on external customer service

If you are asking any successful business entrepreneur, what is the secret of a company's success, it is likely to include a high quality service. There is no doubt that customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business organization, whether it is a small home business or a multinational corporation.

This is the case, no wonder why so many materials and training seminars are available to companies to help them improve their customer service level for their clients. In many cases, new and existing customers offer a range of products and services that can be used by the company, most of the resources are often divided into two divisions: marketing and customer service.

Despite this situation, there are still many companies struggling to provide efficient and efficient customer service for their customers. Why is this the case? This is mainly due to the fact that many companies tend to focus on only one client, where in reality, companies actually have two customers who need to deliver efficient and efficient quality services. The first is the external customer or the individuals and corporations outside the organization. The second group is internal clients who are actually employees in the business organization.

Many business analysts argue that the level of internal company customers has a direct impact on the efficiency and efficiency of customer service services provided by external customers. Based on the studies conducted, it was found that companies struggling to provide high-quality customer service to customers who use their products and services are those who are dissatisfied with their work by the company. Looking back, companies that can provide excellent customer service consistently have jobs that are happy, satisfied, and have staff members who work for many years in the company.

If you need to improve your business for new and existing customers, customers, capital, and investors, the most effective and effective way is to treat your employees as if your business is customer-like internal customer concept. The reason is very simple. Employees have their own needs that the company needs to meet. If the company does not meet these needs, they respond to external customers as they are neglected and dissatisfied with the company.

However, the effects are much larger than external customers. If an outside customer becomes dissatisfied, the company loses the financial revenue. If the internal client is not met, the results are not seen internally. Turning to the company's external customers, it has a huge impact on the overall image and financial growth of business.

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