Is Risk Management – Art or Science?

BUSINESS RISK is a term that explains the difference between the return on investment and the actual implementation. In the CAPITAL BUDGET, a variety of investment alternatives are explored before making an investment decision and only the director of the company and financial managers work together to invest in a project that is reliable and feasible. Even if the project is not viable, it can not be taken away because of the fluctuations in the economic environment.

So, the $ 1 million question arises, whether it's investing or investing, making profit for me? Look, you can not make the cake and eat it. A risk factor prevails in all kinds of environments and we are trying to react to a business because it requires huge investments. But do not forget, MONEY MAY BE MODIFIED, IF YOU KNOW YOUR SUSTAINABILITY.

Businesses have spent huge sums on investments each year. It is therefore imperative that the careful FINANCIAL INVESTIGATION OF ALL INVESTMENTS BEING IMPLEMENTED BEFORE ACCEPTING OR IMPLEMENTING THE PROJECTS. These capital spending decisions are generally taken into account with the highest level of leadership.

Risk factors to be considered before investing:

  • Time of money
  • Repayment period
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Uncertainties on the market
  • Debt costs [19659006] Factors to follow after investing:
  • Maximizing profit after tax
  • Maximizing earnings per share
  • Maintaining stock prices
  • 19659006] Providing business control
  • Financial structure

the cost of getting the funds back to the business, ie the return to the business, elsewhere. Thinking business people like RATAN TATA, DHIRUBHAI AMBANI and the like have also mastered the art capture of market INNOVATIVE thinking, which provides a good mask.

When making investment and financing decisions, the finance minister seeks to strike a balance between risk and return. If a business lends a large amount of money to finance its activity, the surplus from the operation must be sufficient to qualify for the "OFFER FEE" in the form of interest and capital payments. The surplus could be greatly reduced by the owners as it would be a major debt service. If things do not go as planned, the situation will be worse as the company will not be able to meet its obligations and even "INSOLVENCIA HAZARD " is exposed.

Taking all these factors into account, we must conclude that FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is like a business venture BACKBONE and WORK MANAGEMENT will have blood flow to the body. Risks will only arise if something is wrong, otherwise everything in the business goes as planned and I feel that luck does not make the designers poor and not ready to work.

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