Knitting machines: Not valued catering equipment

The cheese cutter is not getting the attention as much as they deserve. We all eat cheese, and if you make a sandwich, you know how annoying it might be to use a bad knife to slicing cheese. This difficult task is multiplied in the restaurant industry. In this article, we look at the various types of bruises.

  • Mini Presser

A small handheld option with a handle similar to an ergonomic knife or fork and a steel bar with two tight wires on both sides. With this option, you can keep the cheese and cut the wire neatly. The space between the rod and the wire mesh ensures that it is always the same thickness.

  • Hand-held cheese cutting cord

This is a small kitchen appliance that is small and easy to use. It is designed for a rectangular base and a hand-operated arm with a tight wire that easily penetrates the cheese. This appliance is suitable for households as well as for cafes and bakeries

  • Manual Pressing Machine

This device is quite similar to the manual version except for a larger size of 400 millimeters. It is also designed with a hand-operated arm and a rectangular base strap. However, the arm and the wire slice length, allowing you to slice larger blocks. This unit is ideal for smaller restaurants and hotel restaurants to serve breakfast sandwiches daily.

  • Rheninghaus Cheese Slicer

The Rheninghaus Cheese Slicer is the biggest option for the four. 560 x 380 x 450 mm and weighs 29 kg. This catering equipment is powered by 0.22 kilowatts. The teflon coated surface prevents the cheese from sticking to the surface to allow wind cleaning. It is made with a 30-inch blade, and each time a perfect piece of cheese is cut. This option is great for large bakeries, hotels and restaurants serving daily cheese sandwiches and burgers.

The cheese knives are very comfy to complement their kitchen, which makes it easy to work on sandwich and burger preparation. They are often ignored because they look like fashionable models that may be on the road. But they are underestimated because they can make a big difference in the daily food preparation process.

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