Legendary Service and Full Customer Service

Legendary Service
Did you think about a new purpose for customer service at the company? My suggestion is the purpose of "legendary service". The legendary service goes far beyond the usual way. Customers always talk about the service. It sets up a standard for company companions, including leadership to meet them. It also defines the benchmark for industry and business as a whole (see Disneyland and JW Marriot Hotels). This level of service becomes a competitive difference that others emphatically emulate, much less to outperform.

Paradox, however, has the challenge of leading your organization to the "legendary ministry". The company strives to provide its customers with quality services. Self-proclaimed excellence in service is most likely to be ignored by public opinion and the worst mistrust. However, this is the customer who brings the level of service reputation to a legendary status.

"Service becomes important only if it is so meaningful for your customers to articulate and promote it." – Betty Sanders

As a result of customer profiles, poor market sentiment and changes in new business areas, you need to make sure that your service level reaches new heights to differentiate yourself from normal. This new standard is "Legendary Service".

Some Ideas for Legendary Service:
• Legendary Service is the only service level that makes a significant difference to its customers.
• The legendary service means that customers know why they are passionate about advertising and promoting their business.
The Legendary Service requires commitment.
• Legendary service is the inner value of your business.
• The legendary service is based on concentrated leadership.

This Statement

"The lowest paid, shortest entry-level employee usually gives more credit to the client than [management]Extraordinary Result, Betty Sanders

For example, think of "The happiest place on Earth" (Disneyland). Michael Eisner and Frank Wells have done wonderful work in Disney in the 1990s, but how many visitors are in the Disney parks with the slightest awareness of who these leaders are?

"Although usually in the short term, street-going cruises will receive a multi-day training session because the management knows how many questions will be asked." – The happiest place to go On Earth: Michael Eisner

How good are maintenance or security in a foreign language? Are you able to to respond to the nearest Japanese or Korean door or toilet? To ensure that your company is fully committed to its customer service, you need to ensure that those who are most attached to your customers are well-trained.

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