Local business marketing tips for your restaurant

Here are some ideas I've used in the past to increase restaurant sales. Many of these ideas were also attended by staff events that brought them together as a team. I've got better, more loyal staff, and increased my community's restaurants or sales. Give them a try, measure the results and have fun.

Easter egg hunt – In the restaurant, they received prizes and candy for a traditional local hunting. Easter bunny visit and photo art were a special event for 50 fathers of foster parents. The local newspaper printed a little story with a photo that added to us in the community.

Christmas Party – This event was the restaurant staff that provided a small Christmas gift for disadvantaged children. Similarly to the "Angyalfák", which today are predominantly an exception. We gave Christmas parties a Christmas party, and of course we visited with Santa to present the presents. The staff was able to serve and interact with the children during the party. These events have made the staff a team. Again, local news was available to create a human interest in the restaurant.

Mother's Day Candlelight Dinner – This event is located in a fast-food restaurant and the dining room is set in a delicious dining room with candles, flowers and bedding. Instead of ordering guest orders at the counter, the staff ordered the table and of course delivered the food. This event has been discussed for both guests and staff for weeks. Sunday nights are usually the slowest in a fast-food every night, not to mention the mothers day, where for some reason the moms do not want fast food fare. This mothers day is 18% higher than the previous Sundays and the number of the previous mothers by 31%.

Daily Specials – There is nothing new about daily special or rotating specialties, but in 1983 this concept was something unknown. Most restaurants printed at that time printed printed coupons. Customers were accustomed to ads and predicted the running of the next coupon, often trying to find out why the expected run is delayed or missed. In order to reduce the dependency on the coupon counting, I began to list every day of the day every day. Just using posters on the reader and ads, we started combining gifts instead of the "buy one get one free" mantra of printed ads. While they did not receive the "pop" of the print ad, the specialists built over time to cloud BOGO and replace it efficiently in order to increase sales and maintain profitability.

Fund Raising Events various events aimed at achieving the 3 goals. First, as a worthy cause or organization basis. Secondly, as a team building practice, and thirdly, and most importantly, it promotes the restaurant. We have designed carnival games like games that give restaurant meals for lesser prizes and a larger award-winning restaurant logo, such as t-shirts and coffee cups. These games were downloaded and donated to school or charity at school rain or spring festivals or local town events.

Parade team – At each parade we caught restaurant coupons, hot chocolate and drinks. Again, I donate the charitable donations.

Barker – This was what I used to do when I worked in St Thomas at Wendy. Many businesses then used a carnival style to draw attention to a particular facility. Our venue was at the end of the main cruise ship, and it was often handed over to it because the ship's guests were reluctant to try as much local prizes as the recognizable Wendy menu. The barker received 100 coupons a day to get out and pay for the number returned for the restaurant.

School Reading Program – A simple program that allows teachers to win prizes at restaurant fees for reading certain books. Starting with small food prizes and advancing in family meal 4, as the child read more and more books. This program was extremely successful and lasted for years.

Interview Skill Presentations – I go to high school during working hours and offer a class to make interviews and get the first job. I also offered general business and employee tips for the participants. Here, I begin to connect with potential new employees and offer coupons and logos to further popularize the restaurant.

Cross Promotion – In the tourist area, masses of court locals and tourists are vital. Understanding guest turnover is one of the key elements of business survival. The active involvement of non-competitors, such as hotels without restaurants, is one of the ways to rent out their credentials and connect them to the restaurant. Benefits and forms of hotel staff for guests and visits to frequently visited food or deserts are provided by the staff at the hotel's restaurant.

Set the target for each promotion and record result. Spend time to improve the next event and, above all, have fun.

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