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I do not understand why many businesses do not sell good customer service.

Good customer service, not to mention Great customer service, difficult today. Think of any business, product, or service that you contact every day. Then think about getting a good CS or not. I would say that it is most likely to be "settled" for the average customer service and is seldom subject to a strong customer service. You probably will not even notice it.

Two very different examples of CS have been created for me yesterday and there is a lesson related to marketing.

First, I tried to rent a car with one of the leading (or at least one of the most well-known) car hire companies. I did a lot of business for this company and got the highest status after renting cars from them for more than 10 years. Well, without getting too far into the details of what really happened, my booking was mixed together. I was not with anyone anywhere. So I made calls and emails to try to get help to straighten everything, but I did not get anywhere. No one takes responsibility for the situation. After having committed myself to a particular company over the years when the push started, my "status" did not suffer me a damn thing in the eyes of such customer service representatives. It's a fact that I spent nearly three hours in three hours trying to straighten everything up. This is not a good customer service.

Second, almost after I got the car hire episode, I issued my bank to deposit it. I went up the window and immediately greeted. The CS representative said his name and frankly asked, "How can I help you today?" It was like a fresh air. I gave you the check, the deposit ticket and the personal ID, and from then on the bank's employees named it by name. I've been thanking my loyalty over the past seven years. Even with the cashier I was talking to, I asked how my day was going. I chuckled and said, "It's pretty dirty so far." They laughed too. When I finished the transaction, the customer service representative smiled again, asked me if there was anything else I needed and was very good. This is good customer service.

I was thinking of marketing in a strange way.

The first experience is reasonable that most people get in touch every day without noticing it; sub-par customer service, and part-par CS even when years of loyalty have been built up.

Experience 2 is probably the most common not often in contact; good customer service, who are really there to help solve problems and experience their experiences.

The bank reminded me of all the marketing and advertising I've ever seen from that bank in the past. I could not recall anything from the good customer service. When you think of the banking sector, there are not too many differentiators. Of course, different types of accounts, fee structures, percentages, and small differences in tangible things . These are most commonly seen in marketing materials. "Do business with our bank and do not enjoy prizes!" "You can shop with our bank and earn money by X%." You get the picture.

But I could argue with people that intangible goods are more important and more effective. If this bank's marketing manager was smart, he would literally film the yesterday's experience that he uses commercially. The big CS is one of the industry's real differentiators, where most businesses are very similar.

Then why can not we betray this? I do not really care if I save more money each year for my accounts or transaction fees. I'm so interested in doing business with companies who provide great service and are willing to go up and down in my business . Unfortunately, this company is the exception to the rule for consumers. Fortunately, for that particular bank, there is a high-value marketing tool available to customers.

Do not forget what you are your business. Provides excellent customer service? Are Competitors? If you and your competitors do not, you have to place it. Good customer service goes so far as to gain loyalty and looks like a severe thumb, especially in a highly competitive or "self-over" industry.

I know two things yesterday based on my experience. I will not make a new deal with the car rental company since my "condition". Until now, I do not want to do business with other banks, so I insist on this one of the major banks. I've made two major decisions (and winning and losing companies) that are based entirely on customer service and experience and have little to do with the current product or service.

The bank did not have to launch my good customer service because I first experienced it. But here is the lesson that should sell me. Not just good customer service exception rule, marketing good customer service is even bigger than the rule.

The moral aspect of the story is that marketers really give better customer service than they are. Why? Because customer service really matters.

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