Medical Transcriptional Outsourcing and Risk Management

Medical transcription outsourcing and risk management are very closely related. Risk management involves minimizing the risks inherent in the healthcare process and medical transcription is the creation of patient registers from the audio-narrative of healthcare professionals when meeting a patient. Creating a patient's medical record is by nature an activity that requires sensitive treatment and may influence risk management.

It is known that the relationship between patient-health professionals is sacrosanct and the healthcare foundation is a professional / health institution able to maintain the confidentiality of privileged patient information. Protecting the confidentiality of patients is not only a moral obligation, but also a legal obligation. HIPAA has provided specific guidance on the protection of confidential patient information. The HITECH provisions, which come into force recently, contain provisions that are drafted for HIPAA, and the HIPAA has been added to the arsenal to punish the perpetrators.

Outsourcing the whole process proved to be one of the most effective records. However, it passes this activity to a third party to the service provider, which raises certain security concerns.

However, these concerns can be alleviated if the transcription carrier is chosen with the greatest possible care. This ensures that the seller:

is well aware of HIPAA / HITECH requirements

How to ensure that a HIPAA / HITECH-compliant organization for patient medical records is also helping risk management

To understand how to help you manage risk, it is important to understand the principles of risk management and how outsourced services help the process

The principles of risk management are:

Creating a Value

An integral part of the organizational process

Be part of the decision making process

Explicitly addresses uncertainty

Systematic and structured

Based on the best available information


Taking into account human factors

Transparent and inclusive

Dynamic and responsive to change

Continuous Improvement and Improvement

These services help healthcare institutions in the risk management process to meet all the principles of risk management when documenting a patient's encounter.


with the utmost precision. This is provided by professionals who specialize in translating the specialty. Additional quality ensures a multi-level quality control that ensures maximum accuracy. The information recorded in the patient records must be accurate as some of the evidence is in the case of illegal litigation.

Medical records were created in a timely fashion. The optimal lead time is provided by the right team, the right process and the right technology. This will ensure that healthcare professionals have the necessary information to timely prepare the patient's health care plans. This helps to manage the risk

Medical records were created safely. Another aspect of risk management is the protection of patient data confidentiality. Assistance in this respect provides measures to protect patients' information in order to protect people, process and technology

. Outsourcing medical outsourcing to onsite outsourcing not only assists healthcare in some aspects of risk management, but health care focuses on cost-saving, core business and benefits from the use of the right technology.

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