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When was the last time a real phenomenal customer service experience?

When was the last time someone knew you shared a story about wonderful customer service?

Were you able to remind yourself of a truly positive experience without having to think too far? If so, it's great! I encourage you to share this experience. The sad truth is that most people are likely to recall the poor customer service event before commemorating a great experience.

Why is this?

Satisfied customers do not have any complaints. They got the service they deserve, the results they want, or at least the explanation of why they could not solve something exactly how they liked it, or sometimes found an alternative solution to the situation (whatever the situation).

A satisfied customer can continue his business without negative emotions or thoughts. The satisfied customer experienced great customer service and was treated as a valuable customer. Satisfied with the service provided.

Receiving exceptional customer service is a great experience, people are unlikely to share the story unless they talk about a specific business where they have received exceptional service. Often it is not enough for satisfied customers to get time to let the management know how kind and professional experience they meet.

However, a dissatisfied customer will not forget that they have not received the service, answer, or solution that they specifically seek if they are not treated with respect. A dissatisfied customer shares this experience with anyone who is listening and sometimes with people who are not listening. Often, an unsatisfied customer will ask for a conversation with management to give voice to their inconvenience. Obviously they are not satisfied with the service you received.

Let's stop and think. Satisfied customers are delighted to experience, but since positive experiences have not caused discomfort, they are less likely to share the experience. While a dissatisfied customer shares this information with whom you will ever know because you are not happy and want to make sure that others know how to deal with them.

There seems to be something wrong with the picture and not just about the satisfied customer's response and the unsatisfied consumer. Perhaps something is generally wrong with customer service. Is it possible for companies to provide incorrect training? Do not businesses simply deal with their customers' satisfaction?

I do not think this is true of most businesses. I think that businesses want the best products and services. However, they are not always able to control the behavior of others.

Perhaps the real problem is the general perception of individual perception and mankind?

How many times did you personally have problems and lost the frustration of the customer service representative you talked to?

How many times did business contacts or customer service representatives personally get such frustrations and responded in the same negative way?

Customer Service starts with each individual person, client, and service provider. The truth is that we are all people who deserve to be treated with respect. Too often, it forgot. That's the point. You have a choice of how to become. Working with your fellow human beings can provide solutions or understanding or you can not choose.

Although individuals may choose to be positive or negative, it is important to encourage a positive attitude in every business environment. This should be done from top to bottom. Owners, key management and staff members must promote positive interactions and modeling of proper behavior. Consider the approach. We consciously consider how others influence it. Your attitude is important. This can result in a positive or negative result depending on your activity.

When interacting with others, taking into account the circumstances, consider the following:

* How do you want to deal with it?
* Do you have a clear idea of ​​what you want the result of interaction? If so, share this information. If not, consider the situation and prepare it before the interaction.
* If you do not get the results you want, consider the reasons and find out there are times when you may not be able to resolve a situation as we expected.
* Be professional. Do not remove the frustrations of the messenger.
* People generally treat you as they are treated.

By taking each interaction into account before reacting, a positive exit is more likely. When we control our own emotions, we can objectively view the situation and understand the causes of some policies, procedures, and even other reactions and behaviors.

Most importantly, the sharing of goodness will offer kindness. Sharing positive experiences will be a positive experience. We are all human and we will be moments. However, raising awareness can help avoid unnecessary conflicts. All of us have to comply with our part.

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