Niche Marketing in the hospitality industry

Welcome to our glorious capitalist society where every entrepreneur can stay in any industry they love as long as they want to be diligent. Just look at those busy wheels on the market turn, then! It is wonderful to look at everything, but when you dive, you will realize that this is the small factor that you must fight to make your business succeed: the competition

Yes, it is a kind of killing pleasure that many customers have the opportunity, to take her business somewhere else. Especially in the hospitality area where restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos are so common everywhere. You can compete directly and try to overwhelm your competitors at price or quality. But if that fails, we'll consider a possible strategy for a niche market.

Here you are specializing in a specific category, and admit that you do this one thing and just do it. The Starbucks coffee franchise is an excellent example: a small chain of Seattle coffee shops in Washington. This is what you know about coffee. Though their success helped them to use tea and other drinks as well as snacks and pastries. So now it's a cafe-café chain.

It is undeniable that Starbucks would not exist without the college / techie crowd. The chain has become the "opportunity" for college students and especially technology entrepreneurs who know two groups about their enthusiasm about coffee drinks. The decor and mood of the earliest Starbucks stores reflect this fact: hip, urban, sophisticated mood where you will not be surprised to find a poet who sits on a laptop on a legal bench, a programmer or a blogger, an artist silently drawing the masses and some old intellectual play chess on a corner table while alternating music on the loudspeakers that provide the altextum.

Bars are one of the most important candidates for niche specialization. We all discovered the country / western theme bar, the disco club, the working class "palm bar", the motorbike bar, the seaside bar and the popular sports hall. The bars offer a wide variety of specialties, and there are separate facilities for individuals and bars specializing in lifestyle options for meeting and mixing. As long as they are suitable for recreational purposes, they can easily borrow a theme. You also see seeing a bar market with a age-old gap, such as facility-themed "speakeasies," or catering for a jazz-loving crowd. Anything from the 'sock hop' of the 1950s to the 'yuppie safari' of the 1990s can also be targeted at a bar.

Restaurants are frequent candidates for niche specialties. Virtually any ethnic food in a restaurant is somewhere present. But restaurants have much more opportunity to find them than their national identity in the menu; So there is a truck stop, a wine tasting buffet, a conical top crust, sidewalk cafe, homemade pizzerias and specialties like bakeries and ice cream parlors.

argued that pizza itself can no longer be identified with Italian dishes. The national "Chuck E. Cheese" chain demonstrates this. Atari's founder, Nolan Bushnell, founder of San Jose California, knew that their target market was suburban families, and therefore they had a restaurant selling pizza, but they offered games, shows and entertainment, mostly aimed at young children. The chain is still one of the few trusted family-friendly facilities and a viable option for the entire household. The restaurant is suburban and American; there are very few references to Italy outside the menu.

Even hotels and casinos enter the market. Rack market marketing is less important here as these facilities are too large to not target everyone. Casinos are especially keen to do everything they can after a particular topic. The Las Vegas Ribbon cruise displays castles from an ancient Roman Emperor, a Western Salon, Egyptian Pyramids, the City of Paris, the City of Venice, and so on. After. Many casinos target entertainment to the whole family and include everything from cinemas to full-fledged fun parks with tours, live shows and attractions.

Whatever your business, your target audience. Think of it as a point system. In the Asian restaurant, you get a point if your menu is pretty credible for a member of that country to eat there and do not know the difference. It earns more points if the business is decorated with the theme of the country; in an Asian restaurant Foo dogs, buddhas, bamboo and water fountains are all a popular feeling. You will get another point on the Asian theme by using wands as an alternative tool. Stb. Every point you can add to the score card can be another way to provide authentic experience to market strings.

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