Overview of the Indian Industry of Food Services

Hospitality Services is a country as an important sector in the United States. In the US, more than 8,000 hospitality businesses record a revenue of over $ 7 billion. The trend is slowly increasing in India, but for a number of reasons it has recently adopted a fast-paced growth.

India is a country where many festivals and celebrations hold important events. So it is worth noting that in such a country the scope of the catering industry is extended. The hospitality industry in the country eventually extends its out-of-marriage access, and Indian catering providers enjoy the good time. Here is an Overview of Hospitality in India

The hospitality industry sector continues to grow at India level with a 15-20 percent annual growth rate. In 2009, the industry reached the value of INR 15,000 crore. The good point of the Indian hospitality industry is that it did not have a significant negative impact during the recession. So what is the reason why the Indian hospitality industry enjoys lasting growth?

Interest in Catering Services

Indian family members usually attend a social gathering or event at a variety of events. This trend is quickly replaced by people's interest in catering services. This is often a better solution and opportunity for all members of the family to enjoy the feature.

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Formerly a family-run event in a region was the favorite kitchens in the region. Today, however, the scene has changed, thanks to the popularity of catering service providers. Now, the wedding in Punjab includes southern Indian dishes in its menu. Restaurants from Gujarat, Bengali and other Indian states are featured on the menu pages throughout the country. This encourages people to hire catering services.

Catering Institutions

It is really surprising that more and more hotel management and catering establishments are all over the country. Above all, students are interested in joining professional courses to develop their career in the industry. Thus, the future of Indian hospitality will be even better than the present situation

Corporate Culture

In addition to social gatherings and festive occasions, formal events, seminars, conferences and other business events are events related to professional catering- including industrial services, to increase the success of events.

Family-style restaurant

In recent years restaurant catering has also improved in the country. People looking for different areas and living on a higher standard of living prefer a restaurant restaurant with professional catering services.

The October and November Indian Festival season is the best time for catering companies. Although the industry does not rest for the remainder of the year. The presentation and decoration of professional hosts continues to make them popular for various events. All of these reasons justify the pace of Indian hospitality growth.

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