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I was a little scary this afternoon. I opened my wallet, and the small suitcase holding my Visa card printed the skin on the skin. What could happen to my card? Concerned, I was close to it, because my mind imagined someone in the mall to write my card before filling a whole piece of furniture with the already frozen balance. Was someone stole it? When could they have done this, was it with me since my last use? When did I last use it? I think Shawna, I guess. Use your head on something like a wall on the frustration.

Last night I bought something in the deli and I remember being crazy in myself because I forgot my checkbook and had to spend it. Okay, I can call and see if it is, and if so, my problems are silly. When he looked up to the number, he had twice received a bad class before the sandwich, and then a voice that sounded as if not quite into puberty was one of my own thoughts. You deserve to be a hassle because you were stupid enough to lose Visa first, just as you deserve to use the food anyway. You know better Shawna, and now God teaches a lesson.

All these bad thoughts occurred while I waited for a non-puberist to say one more to someone: "Hey, did anyone see a Visa card?" My heart has diminished, because I hope my dear plastic mom is not just anywhere. Mr. puberty came back to the line and said no one saw it. His voice resigned, made an attempt, and the end of the part was the end of the service if we could call this weak service.

I tried to try again. "I'm sure I used her in the shop last night, the woman who helped me, was blonde, did two jobs, and was very tired." His voice was hesitant: "No. I heard it for a minute." I heard he was walking on the phone and with him. "Listen, there's a woman on the line and he says he left Visa here, anybody saw him?" , though unimaginably.

He came back to me, "sorry for the lady," he gave up his voice, his voice told me that it was over, he asked, and that all knew that my boy said this kid was not a bad man, just a little bit on the unskilled side, so I got into my life, life is good and it's okay. I was not a good customer service, but I decided to have a good client and see if I could improve my service in this way. "What happens to Visa cards that people leave?" I asked nicely.

"Just a second" I heard you ask someone who stands there: "Hey, what do we do with Visa that people have left us?" At least I went somewhere and learned something. perhaps they go to customer service. Aw, customer service, what a concept!

"I think it was taken to the after-sales service," he fell back and his voice sounded deaf. "I'll go there and ask." "It would be great to keep it." I encouraged.

"All right, I'll just take the phone with me." Suddenly he was excited. I did not know if it was because he had a chance to help me or because he could get out of the mess and did not care. We went to customer service at Reeboks. I imagined it and I was on the phone. – Last night there were Visa cards? He asked who stood there. "What is the name?" The answer came. He came back to the line and his entire face changed: "What's his name on the card?" he asked with power. "Shawna Schuh" I answered. "Shawna Schuh," she said to the questioned woman. "Here!" I heard her cry. "We found it!" I heard his smile in his voice. "I'm very happy!" I was enthusiastic about the phone. "You were so great to go with me, thank you very much, could I keep it until I came back in a day or two?"

"No problem!" He was a full commander, "ask the customer service counter."

"Thank you again!" he said. My whole body began to relax as this mystery was solved. "It was my pleasure!" The boy suddenly sounded like a young man. One that faced a challenge. One he did not really want to deal with, but one that he did would provide him with further knowledge and confidence.

Suddenly I was glad I left the Visaomat there. I just felt the joy and excitement of being a foot when he really served someone else. I hope that experience is what will be repeated and expert. In fact, there is nothing better in life than helping one, smiles at both people's faces and creates a better place for the world. The next time someone has an assistant to help you, be a good customer and give them a chance to help you. Go through the situation without letting you quit or let go. You can help someone to become a better person, and you can become one of them by bringing a good customer to customer service.

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