Project Risk Management – How to Reduce Employee Theft?

We all know that politicians in society and large seats are rubbing the fact that we are economically depressed and the workplace or promotional struggle increases in an epic proportion. This crazy hyphen on the company's main points has quite puzzled the project and risk management professionals, mainly because of internal threats, such as stolen and dishonest workers. How can you submit a plan that either completely rejects these employees or at least asks top management to plan plans to stop employees? Of course, there is a reason for this kind of issue, and sometimes they are close.

When assessing employee cash or assets theft, first you need to look at exactly what kind of payments, incentives, and other benefits the employee provides for compensation for their work. If the company has openly forgot to judge a worker for a possible increase in salary performance, it is no wonder that the employee makes other unlawful acts to end: the company actually forces these workers to do so. Make sure all positions have considered the work that is worth and encouraged by waiting. Let's look closely at the economy and make sure that the fairness of the wage structure is met; Otherwise, you will probably continue to suffer from continuing unfairness, no matter how many employees you burn.

In the risk management game, the next task is the current way of recruiting new staff. Is proper background check being carried out to ensure that the thieves are not rented, the violent parties are thrown away and the drug addicts are not dealt with? Risk management is more than weighing losses and profits; calls for prudent enforcement practices, which include protecting other workers and equipment, and failing to implement the record-keeping method in the recruitment process, risking people and money. Make sure you use a simple method to quickly access criminal records, even if an assistant conducts an interview during an interview. At least a prospective employee can know in advance that the company is serious about defending the inner sanctuary.

Finally, make sure that there is a plan that defines a person or place for any money you need to take directly to the bank, for example in a safe room or multiple times a day. The sole responsibility of the person is money; Thus, the issue of disappearance can be distinguished from a person, not to too many people who touch the bank in itself. Reducing risks by looking at who is hired, how to make sure who is already leased, and streamlining processes, such as money, will significantly reduce it if you do not eliminate the risk of losing money, which will inevitably be safe for everyone to promote the workplace and loyalty to the masses.

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