Refrigerated Trailers – Exposed Secrets!

We've seen a lot of portable chassis in the past 12 years. As the name suggests, there are really two key components here, the cooling and the trailer. We've seen that some people are part of it, while most of the failure is in both aspects of designing and building small refrigerator cans.

Let's start with the trailer. This is the basis for everything we do. The regular cargo-enclosed trailer industry has changed so much over the years and takes advantage of the strength and durability required for the refrigerator. It's important not to just remove a trailer from the batch and try it at home as you can see so many people today.

For high – quality refrigerated counters:

1. One-piece aluminum roof

2. 16 "O.C steel pipe walls

3. Steel pipe roof

4. Steel tubular framed rear doors (not plywood with aluminum)

5. Three-pipe language


7. Bottom floor with high quality aluminum underlayment

8. Load D or larger tires for better stability

9. No wood framing or wood / ceiling (lighter and stronger without mold or mold problems)

10. Reinforced front nose for cooling unit

11. Extended tongue for holders with generator

12. It is specially designed for refrigerated trailers and should be kept firm and durable. Please see how important it is to use a trailer from a steel pipe instead of a z-post or a cap.

We've seen people who have walked in a fridge and placed on a flatbed trailer. Be careful, as many of these are not D.O.T. approved, and may have been fined or even worse. Use common sense, cool walking is great for sitting inside or outside the building, but not designed to move up, down, and side up, but do not offer structural support.

Cooling is just as important and you definitely want to get this part of it. Ideal for businesses is a unit that can be used as a refrigerator or freezer. Please make sure that when you buy a refrigerator, the defrosting ability of the cooling system and the melting of hot gas are as much as possible. I mention this because so many people find that if the trailer is 35 degrees, the evaporator must be 12 to 15 degrees cooler than the temperature. Well, this requires 12 hours or 24 hours, but eventually ice is generated on the coil and you will need to blot or lose the product.

Standard refrigeration units that defrost hot gas for more efficient and fast defrosting of the system. Using standard cooling, you can save your repair and maintenance costs in one package. We also recommend that you change the cooling system for transport and do not use a copper tube to connect the evaporator coil to the condenser coil. The copper is soft metal and is easily broken. Hopefully, these tips will serve you well to buy or rent a refrigerator.

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