Restaurant Equipment – How to Install a Commercial Ice Machine?

When buying restaurant equipment, most restaurant owners prefer to install a refrigerator in the restaurant store. However, this is a simple task, so we explain how to save money for other things.

For ice machine mounting, Philips screwdriver, adjustable wrench, PVC cutter and wire sewing machine are required. Do not let the devices look overwhelming if you do not have them, then buying them will be viable for any restaurant equipment and equipment that you can buy and install in the future.

Now that you have the tools, it's time to buy the equipment you want to fit the ice machine. Depending on the distance between the ice machine and the drainage channel, it determines the amount of accessories required.

You will need a 3/4 inch PVC pipe, typically a stick will do the work as long as you can run behind the device. It also requires all PVC fittings, like two male adapters, a handful of nineties and two tees.

You will need a 3/8 plumbing for a typical machine, but check your connection. The plumbing is easier to install with the pex plumbing, durable and flexible. The fittings required for mounting water are 3/8 compression fittings, a male adapter for 3/8 compression, and 3/8 compression for 3/8-fold compression. Finally, a 3-wire nut, PVC glue, some Teflon tapes and five foot SJ leads must be provided with a 110 V plug.

To start a commercial ice machine, you must start connecting the drainage line from the ice head to the ice cube and then enter the drain or outside the building. The stocks mentioned so far will be gone. Just make sure to use the tee after getting out of the head to allow the bleeder.

The plumbing must be connected directly to the appliance and, depending on whether or not it is a water filter, is supplied directly to the water supply. Then connect the SJ cable to your ice machine and plug it in.

The front of the ice machine is removed by a Phillips screwdriver. You want to fill the water for a minute. Then put it on the ice and add thirty minutes to start dumping. If this happens, you have successfully installed the commercial ice machine and are no longer required to pay for the use of restaurant equipment and utensils.

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