Restaurant information – bad body language

A recent survey concludes that your actions are louder than your words, indicating the importance of body language in the communication process. The food and beverage service sector, so communication plays a very important role here. That's why you're part of the restaurant management or the food and beverage industry, you have to be sure that the staff is well-equipped, with great body language.

The back side of the problem is that if you can not work on the body's body language, your business image may stop. Everything ranging from facial expression to body pose speaks a lot about owners and restaurant management. If you want to save your food and drink business in the disruption of the staff's lousy body language, you will need to equip them with proper equipment.

Before your staff understands what a good restaurant instructor guide or SOP service is to do, it is very important to understand the things that need to be avoided.

A person's body language can be defined by three factors:

Head and face, hands and arms, body and legs

Head and face: this deals with facial expressions and personnel's own projections. There are many things to be avoided by service professionals, including yawning, rubbing, chewing gum, chewing or sniffing, sucking teeth, or rolling eyes or head. These bad habits irritate or annoy guests.

Hands and Weapons: Many people will be disgusted if their fellow hands and arms are used for purposes such as digging, scratching, twisting or cleaning. Even if you put your hands in your pocket, it may seem casual and unprofessional.

Body and Legs: The body is supported by the wall, or the tingling of your feet can be quite distracting for guests. impatient and dishonest body language. Pulling is another example of bad body language, which should be strictly avoided by staff working in the food and beverage industry.

To avoid the aforementioned mistakes, staff can avoid any problems that a guest does not like. However, you must be able to train them to meet the guests. Work, conversation, and presentation can not be so that a guest needs to be rushed and not complain about slow service.

You need to be very careful to have your colleagues in body language, understood and respected, and cultivated experience. At the end you can rest assured that with this feeling your guests will repeat the food and the place of the drink.

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