Restaurant Marketing Indecision

Yesterday I went to beer with a friend who had a small restaurant. We talked about the business (slowly these days), we talked about her family (busy business), and we talked about marketing.

"You know?" he said, "In these days, so many marketing people are trying to get money …" He paused, took a sip and went on.

"They want me to make coupons, they want me to invest in my website, they want me to advertise the yellow pages in the magazines … I'm not rich, I can not afford all this!"

I looked at my friend and I understood what it meant. Marketing specialists take the course – their products as the best way to popularize business people every day.

Everyone looks good on paper, but which one is right for you? How do you know if a marketing initiative will bring you the customers you want for such a longing?

The answer: no, unless you have a marketing strategy.

See, some of these initiatives may be beneficial for your business – and will waste most money – but you will not know which one will work unless you know what you are looking for.

Before you spend money on marketing, you need a strategy, a vision. You need to analyze your needs.

Ask yourself:

– Is your business fighting for the whole week and looking for more customers?

– Or do you sometimes want to have the slower days of the week with customers?

– Have you just opened the restaurant and you want to increase your great food and service so that people know about their place?

– Would you like to market your best customers to encourage them to create repetitive clients? (This is, of course, the best marketing strategy that can be implemented.)

– Would you like to promote an event? (For example, a dinner for a dinner, a menu change, a charity event etc.)

– Some customer profiles are targeted (for example, families or professionals or elderly, etc.)

39, do I go?

Each of these examples requires a different marketing approach.

If you want to occupy older, retired people, you will not benefit much from the great web presence because most do not have enough internet savvy.

Similarly, if you have a family-friendly restaurant, an ad in a weekly entertainment magazine for people arriving at a concert will not work because the target audience will not see your ad.

Traditional broadcasting services, such as newspapers and radio ads, are great for promoting a newly-opened restaurant or announcing special events or promotions. They reach a big audience and spread the word about your place. However, ineffective marketing techniques, if you just want to fill your location; expensive and it is difficult to quantify their results.

However, coupons are interesting.

They can be very effective because they allow them to measure their impact (count how many people are redeeming for you) and target blank tables for specific days (valid only on Monday, etc.).

However, it is important to consider how they are distributed, and if they come in coupon packages, where other restaurants advertise them (they do not want the only high-end restaurant for fast-food joints and pizza delivery services).

So you see: Before you spend money on marketing, sit down and look at your needs. Think strategically and make a basic plan.

These are the questions that you need to ask yourself:

1. What clients do you want? (Unless your restaurant is already very targeted for a particular audience, such as families – for décor and kids, etc. In this case, you've got the answer.)

2. When should the seats be filled most?

3rd What is your profit per meal? (To know exactly how much you can afford to give coupons, etc.)

4. What can you do to attract repeating customers?

5th Do you have an official notification system in place? If not, then you have to! Not only is this the most cost-effective and revenue-generating system, but it can easily accomplish itself without spending extra money.

6th Do you need to promote a special event?

7th Stb.

If all these considerations are overwhelmed, you may need to call an expert counselor.

A consultant who is sitting with you for a few hours or a day and helping you plan your own strategic marketing plan can save you thousands of dollars a year in wasted money and time.

Just make sure this expert does not waste your time to go through the details of the operation. Want someone to help you determine your strategy!

You need to make sure you spend your marketing money wisely, and you can only do this with strategic thinking and planning.

Otherwise, an unfamiliar site appears to have an unknown path without a roadmap or a map that shows you the way. You may end up in an interesting place, but you can spend a lot of time on small roads that take you with you now.

You can not afford to drive your business in this way.

To sum up: Sit down and create a marketing strategy for the restaurant. This strategy leads to your marketing plan and spending and helps you decide what works for you.

Happy Sailing, Jose L Riesco

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