Restaurant Marketing Plan – Simple Ideas You Can Do Now

The restaurant business is one of the most competitive on the planet. There are great restaurants that are fantastic service and food and on the edge of the closure because they do not know how to effectively sell their businesses. Smart owners and leaders understand that they need to look at restaurant marketing ideas to avoid the fate of less well-informed competitors.

Marketing a restaurant is not so complicated if you understand some of the basic concepts that will work well for meals. Owners and leaders seem to catch a lot of things in day-to-day management by forgetting the importance of implementing a simple marketing strategy.

Without a kind of marketing, a restaurant dies fast death. So most managers invest money into a yellow side ad and maybe send some coupons. They mistakenly believe that this will be enough to keep customers flowing through the door. But what happens when they do not come?

Often, many people ring and wait for things to be better. This is a passive approach that can endanger the restaurant by ignoring potential patrons. It is much better to be proactive and find at least one basic action plan.

There are a number of good restaurant marketing books that provide the best marketing strategy recommendations in restaurant management. Here are some ideas that can be easily implemented:

Email Newsletter

Gather your clients' names, email addresses, and birthdays and bring them to an email list. From here you can send updates about special menu items, special events that give you free holidays for your birthday, share interesting information about yourself and your colleagues, etc.

Special Event Days

People like to leave the house to go to a special event that makes a great and enjoyable promise. In order for more and more customers to come in on our slow days and nights, you may have a special event. You can use holiday or give any reason for the event. You can be your comedy, music, magic, a day for moms, fathers or kids, and so on.


Put a crab on the front area and have a great sign that your customers know they are free to use, get special foods or a tee if a race card or business card is placed in the bowl. Hold a weekly drawing and email the winner and send a notice to the restaurant.

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