Restaurant SOP's importance to reach customer satisfaction

Obtaining a meal SOP regular or periodic review is very important. This standard operating procedure (SOP) is a guideline for all your team members in business. The right restaurant at SOP without your restaurant business will not be able to satisfy your guest's expectations with meals.

So, how important is restaurant SOP for your business? This simple question is very much about the actual service and practical implementation. All the procedures in the SOP are a system for running a successful restaurant business and competing with competitors. Goals and goals, like the owner or the manager, give every guest an excellent dining experience in their restaurant. Therefore, in order to be able to monitor and coordinate these tasks to your team members, you must write a comprehensive SOP restaurant that covers all aspects of your restaurants both behind and behind your restaurants. 19659002] Generally I think in my personal opinion there are three main aspects when creating a restaurant SOP, these are the following:

  • Preparing Process or Mise en Place
  • Operational Skills
  • Customer Service Skills

What is the process of preparation? Basically, this aspect includes both restaurant services and cuisine. Everything you have to prepare before you start serving your guests. such as cleanliness, hygiene and hygiene, checklist, refilling procedures, making stocks, etc.

While operational skills are needed to brief the team members briefly, how to reach guests' services. For example, you need to explain how to order and recommend selling, how to carry the tray, and how to clean dirty disks and empty glasses from your guest desk.

And the most important thing is how to communicate with the guest with good customer service capabilities. This section demonstrates how to welcome guests when they enter our restaurant to pray for them to a table and all the things the crew needs to touch the guests.

Briefly, these three aspects are the most important restaurant SOPs, though they can contain a lot of things when creating their own procedures. Every restaurant business has its own way to make standard operating procedures. But each restaurant aims at a goal that is a satisfaction of the guests.

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