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Did you know that your restaurant can deliver more than $ 100,000 (serving 300 customers a day) next year by training waiters and waitresses to become the most popular sales people? Waiting staff will take only a few seconds to eagerly offer suggestions for creating added sales and increasing average controls. The development of a solid sales training program that focuses on sales targets and sales training is one of the top priorities is essential to managing profit.

is the restaurant's growth, especially in the slow economy. Here are some of the key selling ideas and special training strategies:

The menu: Server Sales Prospect

The vendor can not sell properly unless you have the necessary product knowledge. You will have an advantage if your team knows the menu from the inside-yes, this means that they include all elements and learning details, such as descriptions, sizes, and details. If the servers do not know the foods and drinks, they will miss the trust they want to sell. Would you buy a computer from a trader who has no experience in operating the desired model? Probably not.

Ray Barshay, the River Grille Restaurant and Crabby Joe's Deck and Grill Florida owner, said: "In order to preserve the priority of our sales, we offer two or three dinners on our tables at tables, servers taste their flavor so that their taste has a solid idea, then we are asked to fully describe the features and benefits of each item.This knowledge builds our server trust to deliver our customers effectively. "

Five-Star Training, We Recommend to Customers to Provide All Servers with at least two hours of recommended sales training with all fund-based letting. Then, as continuous refreshes, each server must participate in pre-migration meetings that affect basic sales strategies. This is a good time to introduce sales competitions to encourage sales motivation. It is a positive practice to renew your servers every six months at least six hours every six months. If the servers do not load, they will remain dry. Knowledge is power and power trusts trust. The more you know your servers, the greater your profits.

Up-Selling and Add-On Sales

So how do you earn an extra $ 100,000 a year? Simple: Wait waiting staff to sell an average of $ 1 per buyer by explicitly teaching them:

• refresh alcoholic beverages (instead of calling instead of a well instead of premium calling or frozen specialty and premium drinks)

• Offer to add salad to meat, poultry or seafood

• Suggest pages such as mushrooms on steaks and bacon chicken breast.

The following menu items for a full table are also $ 1.00 per customer per month:

• You can add a dessert to a table to go to a dessert

• Suggest a cup or bottle of wine / sparkling wine per plate

Some more ideas to teach your waiting staff how to sell effectively:

Encourage them to …

Some Key Sales Strategies

Show your excitement about what you suggest with enthusiasm and smiling enthusiasm. The more enthusiasm is generated on a menu item (according to your preference), the more likely it is that the customer will order it. For example, say "Frozen Chocolate Anti-Slip Outrageous and Genuine Godiva Chocolate"

Give the benefits – tell the customer how to enjoy the particular food / drink element. Here are some examples:

• Combined appetizers / appetizers, so the customer has many elements

• Large bowls that satisfy the great appetite

• Frozen thirsty drinks on hot days such as Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris

• Name-brand for smooth and delicious flavor

• Wine for supplementing meals

Routine and all stages of the meal process –

more often offers bids, the greater the chance to increase sales. Keep customers' attention to food. If you enjoy a course, check out the next course. For example, says "Space saving for Krazy Kahlua Koffee". Make sure that at least two of your favorites are ready for each course.

Learn the most important sales clues – pay attention to what your customers say. You may hear some clues that indicate more sales opportunities. Here are some general phrases:

• Clients who are celebrating … "Anniversary / Our Birthday." (glass wine / sparkling wine)

• They are very tough appetizers … "I'm hungry." (big captain tray)

• Customers invite their suggestions … "What do you suggest?" (favorites)

Always take the time to give the waiters and waiters appropriate training and provide them with the key teaching tools to be successful for the sales people. By developing a stable sales training program within the organization, you can be assured that waiting staffs will have a minimum effort to lower your bottom line.

Please note: Always educate waiting staff to be aware of the signs of poisoning and to avoid alcohol overcrowding. Teach your staff to deny the sale of alcohol to minors

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