Restaurants are in danger

As a professional actor in the credit card industry, it always wonders how many restaurants are still processing payments with old technology. The restauranteurs are potentially subject to enormous risks. How many other businesses will visit it when it's time to pay for the goods, then pass your credit card and disappear with it? I do not think anything like the restaurant industry. In virtually any other type of business, your credit card will never leave your site as the transaction has been processed. And in many cases, these days, the terminal terminal is used where the card never leaves its hold.

With so many data breaks that have happened today, you think all types of dealers would be much more cautious. The risks are enormous if we consider the possible consequences. Loss of customers' trust, huge fines, or even the risk of closing down entire business.

If I just dine and see that wireless hand terminals are not used for desktop pay, please talk to the manager. I explain the risk of potentially revealing their customers to their business. In some cases you will get their attention and a discussion will be held for further discussions. Unfortunately, in most cases it is blown, as it is not a big deal. I say "unfortunately" because nowadays we see that there are more data cancellations than smaller chains in regional businesses than in large chains. Bad guys know that these traders are easy to take and will lessen the risk.

The current system of restaurant payments is the obscured part of the payment universe. Consider how it works in most cases. It is a four-step process: the guests give the card to the server, who then leaves the terminal, executes the sliding function, returns the feedback to the guest who adds a peak, and then writes the top data to the server. Do not you think it would be much faster and safer for all parties to have a methodology to pay at the table? Most restaurant owners feel that their colleagues are trustworthy and can not do anything about their customer card and do not see the need for manual terminals. In my opinion risky thinking. All it takes is a compromise, and the word will disappear and spread like a fire hazard.

There are several ways to make a compromise with my card if not visible. For example, there are very few devices that the server can potentially hide on its belt under the apron. On the way to the credit card terminal, they simply simulate the card through the device and immediately send the card details to the bad guys. Within minutes, card data can be used for unauthorized purchases. Does not that make you a little nervous? Although this is not as widely publicized as the big breeches, it happens more often than in public. The next time you eat and pass your card to a server to get rid of it, why not ask the manager and find out what they are doing to protect privacy.

In Europe, server-activated and customer-made wireless desktop payments have been the usual methods of processing payment for many years. The United States is far beyond the payment methods of the restaurant and the EMV technology that it has previously written. Perhaps the soon-to-be EMV technology, which will be in the US, will serve as a catalyst for restaurant side desks.

Low-cost desktop technology exists that will soon be available in several restaurants. You can improve your guest experience with an elegant, well-designed tool that can be useful in creating a rolling video menu, self-serving ordering capability, and pay-per-view when your guest wants it. These tools combine the kitchen's restaurants for ordering, a beverage bar and other uses. How many times did you sit patiently waiting for the server to notice that you are ready to order a drink or a food?

Terminals of this type are linked to the Internet, so you can have other useful information such as movie times, nearby shopping destinations, feeds, and much more. For a small fee, the restaurant's guest can access the terminal's games, take a picture of the terminal's camera, log in to Facebook and download it to her site. Not only does this technology increase guests' experience, but also potentially an additional revenue center for the restaurant. You are able to assess your guests on the spot and give them the opportunity to enter the loyalty program.

Revenue enhancement opportunities endlessly exploit this new technology and the enhanced protection of restauranteur is priceless. If you are in the restaurant industry, you owe yourself to further research.

Thank you for reading and paying for payment processing articles that will be useful to your business.

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