Retail Customer Service – How Do We Trust Your Customer?

Sales Specialist

o Why do I congratulate? Does not make sense!

o The shop is the right place for companions?

o I do not know how to give apocalypse

Esteem is a kind, pleasant word – an honest and positive response to one's dearest qualities. Do not mix compliments with flattery – flattery, unlike compassion, hypocrisy and leniency. It often sounds rough and fake. Everyone loves compliments – not just for the recipients, but also for those who give them.

Spirits are the same as presenting gifts. Compassion is an easy way to create a personal relationship as it satisfies the client's need for positive emotions and emotions. The compliment must be grounded, based on short and real facts. Every compliment must be unique to the person and watch over the age and gender of the person you want to know.

You can not do badly if you can get a spin on a regular customer. For example, you would like to see how it looks: "You are always looking good / good" or "very stylish" or you may be wearing ("beautiful smile") dresses ("what a beautiful blouse" or "big tie"). You can also praise the man in the following way: "Always nice to talk to you" or "It's great that we have such a nice client."

There are certain rules for good-bye. The essential elements of the compliment are honesty and faith that we praise. The smallest element of iniquity is immediately felt and mocking. If you're not sure you're going to praise – do not tell me.

Customers' Review

– Gents show good intent

– Listen to pleasant sounds

– I'll always come back to a store where pride is proud

– Spending for the remainder of the day charges a fee. Positive feelings are important to us all

"If people do not compliment, there would be little society." Vauvenargues Marquis

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