Risk assumption is a perception

Some people think I'm a wild girl and a great risk apprentice. I'm always giggling when I hear it because I do not feel like I'm risky. I'm only going to act when I feel good. Other people may realize that what I do is a risk, but I have spent time preparing for a lot of action . Some of the actions I'm doing because it's stunning and loud fun.

For example, horse racing. Gregory Eva, on my BFF, made tandem basketball (you're tied to an instructor who does everything and a big parachute) and showed me the video of the event. It looked strange, but I was so scared. I told her I would never do it. I said if I ever did it, I'd have to watch the video a hundred times in succession to get it up and raise my courage. Horse riding was not compelling for me. The flying like a bird was impressive. I talked a lot about flying. I always wanted an airplane, but I wanted to swim in the clouds as I always imagined that angels did. Very soon after a leaping conversation with Eva, my former companion surprised the Tandemhegy ship station. He literally sighed with fear and said I would not go. He said he could not get a refund. (I lied.)

I passed it, but I changed my perspective from the fear that all my limbs exploded on the ground like an angel like an angel.

then about. Only 300 skydive was. Danger? Of course, I knew I was suffering from injuries, hurting someone or dying. But I do not think I take extreme risks, or I will not do it.

I will not jump unless I know the parachute and the backup (parachute parachute) security pack. I know the direction and speed of the wind to help me choose my landing pattern. I also get to know the plane I'm leaving from the unloading zone. The most important thing is to jump in when they are inspired and in a clear way of thinking.

I think a motorcycle engine on the back as a passenger poses a great risk. Every bone of my body will accelerate when I do it. On my back I feel vulnerable. Let me have my own motorcycle or quad, and I'll go at full speed. It is about how I perceive the activity.

People have always been fascinated by people climbing the mountains. Rich Fettke's friend, Extreme Success, is a mountain climber and a skydiver companion. He went twice to El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. He hardly slept on the side of a hanging rope.

I see this completely scary. Does Rich climb up from climbing? Yes! But he has done his homework and loves sports. You have two children and one wife you worship, so you are very aware of your actions.

Rich and I both play great. We like to make the most out of what we do . The big game is also a perception. Some people think what we are doing because they are not big issues, because they are even bigger! We can not be compared to others if we risk their own threshold . We have to play great to make our way through the stretch, yet not so great to be dazzled or resist the process. A great game can be done in business, in relationships, in entertainment, in wealth, and more.

Ed Viesturs is one of the world's most important mountaineers. His co-author has his own autobiography, No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks . Ed climbed successfully without bottles of oxygen on the highest mountain of the world

Everest climbed several times. Ed is a man who plays enormously, but is so deeply connected to his inner being. He is listening to what his heart says and playing safely on the mountain. Ed's Personal Strategy for Success:

  • Training for his climbing in a way that feels good to him
  • Climbing at a constant pace so he holds his stamina (often fast climbers are moving up the mountains just to bounce before the peak of the wind runs or they come in badly
  • Stopping Climb or due to the weather conditions, even if it is just a few hundred feet from the tip of the mountain, it has been prepared for months!

Respecting the values ​​and the mountaineering rules, he was able to strive to climb the fourteen highest peaks of the world without oxygen. There was never freezing or severe injuries.

He brought a lot of rescue on the mountain and saw many deaths on his friends' uprising. Ed's motto: "Getting to the top is not mandatory, landing is mandatory", makes decisions that are consistent with your faith. That's why it enjoys success and does not mind.

I wanted everyone to play so big a life they can enjoy. Make sure you're doing the action because you want to get . Never take someone else to get approval or because the experts told you. If the activity is not compelling, do not do it. Great moves must be exciting and not paralyzing.

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