Risk Management and Accident Prevention in the Golf Arena

Having owned an operated golf facility as well as having a law degree and verified as PGA at America Golf Professional, I had plenty of opportunity to look at golf facilities in terms of liability hazards for patrons and employees.

Interestingly, many golf courses refuse to test the facility because "this insurance." This music is a lawyer's ears and a red flag from a manager's point.
This attitude is considered as not at all and creates a jury's suggestion that the facility could have done more to the safety of golfers but did not replace it.

Golf Concepts provided on-site inspections and risk assessments around the facilities worldwide and provided assurance to the facility that they took the necessary steps to prevent accidents on the golf course and the golf course.

Fields most likely to be affected by accidents are:

1. Golf Driving

This area takes great care of most golf courses as there are many types of accidents. From the negligent drivers of golf cars to the slopes of the tracks, golfers find ways to get an accident. Many times the knowledge of the terrain or the operation of the golf cart is not responsible. Did you complete your homework assignment to determine the potential of a potential golf car?

2nd Food and Drink

Are employees waiting in this area understand the risk of drinking alcohol? Do you know the risk of the operation? Has the CEO and the Food and Beverage Manager properly evaluated these risks?

3rd Golf Course Design

What kind of training did those who planned your facility and are we legally aware of the risks that your design can create? I do not think they both count.

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